2024 Toyota BZ3 Review

2024 Toyota BZ3
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The 2024 Toyota BZ3 is the result of a collaborative effort involving Toyota, BYD Auto, and FAW Toyota, facilitated by the BYD Toyota EV Technology (BTET) joint venture. This compact battery electric sedan represents the amalgamation of innovation and expertise from these automotive leaders. Continuing in the footsteps of the Toyota bZ4X, the bZ3 upholds this shared legacy

2024 Toyota BZ3


The vehicle showcases the hammerhead shark-influenced design language from Toyota’s bZ series, featuring a relaxed silhouette that melds the extended wheelbase typical of BEVs with the sleek, fastback-like cabin. The exterior exudes a sense of strength and stability, with its thoughtfully crafted profile conveying a seamless impression of motion. This attention to aerodynamics is evident through the bumper’s corner air guides and curtains, as well as the flat door handles, aluminum wheels, and aerodynamically shaped rear bumper, contributing to a remarkable Cd value of 0.218. Furthermore, the vehicle’s dimensions include a length of 4,725 mm, width of 1,835 mm, height of 1,475 mm, and a wheelbase of 2,880 mm.

2024 Toyota BZ3

2024 Toyota BZ3 Interior 

Driven by the Family Lounge concept, the Toyota bZ3 prioritizes cars as spaces for bonding rather than mere transportation. With a people-focused approach, Toyota integrates digital features seamlessly in the cabin, enhancing comfort and user preferences. The interior showcases the Digital Island system, combining a large vertical center display with a tray-type console, incorporating wireless charging, smartphone connectivity, and multimedia functions. Centralized controls for air conditioning, music, and more are integrated into the display, while voice control adds convenience and innovation.

2024 Toyota BZ3


Propelled by a single BYD TZ200-XS002 electric motor, the power output of this vehicle ranges from 135 kW to 180 kW (181 hp to 241 hp; 184 PS to 245 PS), with energy supplied by a BYD Blade lithium iron phosphate battery. The claimed range for this electric vehicle reaches 600 km (375 mi).

2024 Toyota BZ3

2024 Toyota BZ3 Price

In China, FAW-Toyota unveiled the initial bZ3 model, priced at 190,000 RMB (approximately $27,000) to begin with.