2025 Lamborghini Urus SE Emerges as a Thrilling Plug-In Hybrid

Lamborghini Urus SE PHEV 2025
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Lamborghini is redefining what it means to drive an exhilarating hybrid with the introduction of the Urus SE, a plug-in hybrid SUV that retains all the thrill of the brand’s signature models. Unlike typical hybrids that often feature smaller engines, the Urus SE preserves the robust twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 engine, now paired with an electric motor for enhanced power and efficiency.

Lamborghini Urus SE PHEV 2025

This electric motor, integrated into the eight-speed automatic transmission, contributes an impressive 189 horsepower and 356 pound-feet of torque, while the V-8 engine alone delivers 612 hp and 590 lb-ft. When combined, they produce a staggering total output of 789 hp at 6,000 rpm and 701 lb-ft of torque from as low as 1,750 rpm. This setup not only maintains but enhances the vehicle’s performance, enabling the Urus SE to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just 3.4 seconds—shaving a tenth of a second off the time of the Urus S and nearing the pace of the even faster Urus Performante.

Speed isn’t the only highlight; the Urus SE can reach 124 mph in 11.4 seconds, outpacing the gas-only version by over a second and even edging out the Performante. Its top speed is an impressive 194 mph, slightly faster than other V-8 models in the lineup.

Urus SE PHEV Lamborghini 2025 10

The Urus SE also introduces an eco-friendlier aspect with a 25.7-kWh lithium-ion battery situated beneath the cargo area, offering more than 37 miles of electric-only range and a top speed of 81 mph in EV mode. This feature significantly reduces emissions by up to 80% compared to the conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) model.

Aesthetically, the SUV has received subtle yet effective updates. The new matrix LED headlights include a daytime running light design inspired by a bull’s tail, complementing discreet front design changes influenced by the Revuelto supercar. The rear design, reminiscent of the Gallardo, enhances aerodynamics, increasing downforce by 35% over the Urus S.

Urus SE PHEV Lamborghini 2025 11

The vehicle customization options are extensive, with over 100 body colors and 47 interior themes available. For those seeking an even more personalized touch, Lamborghini offers the Ad Personam program, allowing for bespoke creations. Inside, the SUV is equipped with two 12.3-inch screens and introduces four new driving modes—EV Drive, Hybrid, Performance, and Recharge—adding to the standard modes of Strada, Sport, Corsa, Neve, Sabbia, and Terra.

As Lamborghini plans the future transition of its vehicles, including the upcoming all-electric second-generation Urus in 2029 and the replacement of the Huracan’s V-10 engine, the Urus SE stands as a bold statement of modern performance and sustainability. For enthusiasts desiring a gas-powered, high-performance Lamborghini SUV, now is the time to act, as the brand moves towards an electrified future.