Polestar Unveils Prototype EV with 10-80% Charge in Only 5 Minutes

Polestar charge
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Polestar, in collaboration with StoreDot, has achieved a significant milestone in electric vehicle (EV) technology by rapidly charging a Polestar 5 prototype from 10% to 80% in just 10 minutes. This was accomplished using StoreDot’s cutting-edge Extreme Fast Charging (XFC) technology, which maintained a steady charge rate of 310 kW, peaking at 370 kW. This achievement is especially notable as it was done using a drivable prototype, setting it apart from similar feats conducted in controlled lab environments.

Polestar Unveils Prototype EV with 10-80% Charge in Only 5 Minutes

StoreDot’s innovative XFC technology utilizes silicon-dominant battery cells, which not only match the energy density of advanced Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt cells but also eliminate the need for complex cooling systems through a unique structural design that reduces weight. The prototype used a 77 kWh battery configuration, which can potentially be increased to 100 kWh or more.

The rapid charging capability demonstrated means that future EVs could potentially gain 200 miles of range in as little as 10 minutes. This represents a significant advancement in addressing one of the primary concerns of EV ownership: prolonged charging times. Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar, emphasized that this breakthrough could greatly reduce charging anxiety among EV users, aligning stop times more closely with those of traditional petrol vehicles.

StoreDot has been refining its battery technology for over a decade, aiming to produce batteries that are denser, more durable, and quicker to charge. This recent success underscores the company’s progress and the potential for EVs to match and exceed the convenience of petrol cars in the near future.

The companies involved hope that this technology will significantly alter public perceptions of EVs, which have been somewhat negative due to the extended charging times associated with current models. By drastically reducing these times, EVs could become much more appealing, offering minimal disruption to drivers’ journeys.

Polestar Unveils Prototype EV with 10-80% Charge in Only 5 Minutes

Looking ahead, StoreDot plans to continue enhancing its battery technology, with projections of achieving 100 miles of range with just five minutes of charging by 2024, and even more rapid charging times in subsequent years. While still in the prototype stage, this technology could soon be integrated into new Polestar models, potentially beginning with successors to the Polestar 2.

This development marks a pivotal moment in the automotive industry, mirroring the rapid innovation seen at the inception of the automobile. As battery technology merges with optimized software solutions, the coming years could see significant leaps in EV capabilities, fundamentally transforming the landscape of automotive transportation.