Exclusive: Lincoln Design Philosophy Unveiled

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In an illuminating conversation set against the vibrant backdrop of Dubai, Mousub Shashaa, the charismatic host of Business Chat, sits down with Kemal Curic, the visionary Design Director at Lincoln, to unravel the ethos driving the iconic car brand’s latest marvels. At the heart of their discussion lies the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus, a testament to Lincoln’s relentless pursuit of blending luxury with cutting-edge technology.

The Genesis of the New Nautilus

Curic shares insights into the groundbreaking design process of the Nautilus, revealing a paradigm shift that positions the vehicle not merely as a means of transport but as a digital device in its own right. “We reversed the design process by thinking about the car from the inside out,” Curic explains, underscoring a profound emphasis on software and technology as the foundation of the design journey. This inside-out approach, spurred by global shifts toward remote work during the 2019-2020 lockdowns, reflects a deep understanding of changing consumer behaviors and the increasing significance of the car as a safe, private space for communication and interaction.

A Leap into the Future with the New Mustang

In an equally compelling narrative, Curic recounts the exhilarating journey of designing the new Ford Mustang, a project that stands as a hallmark of innovation and passion within the automotive industry. “For me, working on the Ford Mustang design was a dream come true,” Curic says, his voice imbued with a blend of nostalgia and pride. The design process for the Mustang was a global competition, an endeavor that challenged conventional thinking and pushed the boundaries of creativity. Curic’s design, chosen among hundreds, signified not just a personal victory but a bold step forward in car design, marrying the Mustang’s legendary spirit with a modern, global appeal. This emphasis on the Mustang underscores the transformative power of design in redefining automotive icons for the new era.

lincoln interview (1 of 8)

Lincoln Design in the Digital Era

Curic’s revelation about drawing inspiration from digital devices for the Nautilus’s design philosophy opens a window into Lincoln’s innovative mindset. The focus on creating a comprehensive digital experience, where ease of use and intuitive interactions are paramount, marks a departure from traditional automotive design. This strategy, as Curic notes, challenges designers to rethink every aspect of the vehicle’s interface, from the ideal screen height to the integration of controls, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Embracing Global Influences

The discussion delves into the Nautilus’s reception and the broader implications of Lincoln design direction. Curic emphasizes the global nature of Lincoln’s products and the invaluable lessons learned from markets like China, particularly in enhancing rear-seat experiences. This global perspective not only enriches Lincoln design language but also cements its commitment to creating vehicles that cater to a diverse, international clientele.

The Quiet Flight Vision

Beyond the Nautilus, Curic touches on the ‘Quiet Flight’ vision that shapes the identity of Lincoln vehicles, from the Navigator to the Corsair. This vision prioritizes comfort, spaciousness, and a serene driving experience, elements that are meticulously woven into every Lincoln model. The collaboration with top-tier furniture makers to design seats that epitomize comfort and luxury exemplifies Lincoln’s dedication to delivering an unmatched driving experience.

lincoln interview (1 of 8)

Looking Ahead: Innovation and Identity

As the conversation shifts toward the future, Curic hints at exciting developments for Lincoln design, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and forward-thinking in an ever-evolving automotive landscape. The blend of technological advancement and a steadfast commitment to luxury and comfort positions Lincoln to continue its legacy of innovation, with the Mustang serving as a beacon of design excellence that inspires future projects.

A Message to Aspiring Designers

Concluding the interview, Curic offers words of encouragement to young designers, urging them to maintain their passion and curiosity. His personal journey from drawing cars as a child to leading Lincoln design team  serves as a powerful testament to the transformative power of perseverance and love for one’s craft.

As the sun sets on Dubai, the interview leaves us with a deeper appreciation for the art and science behind Lincoln’s luxury vehicles, promising a future where innovation, comfort, and design converge to redefine our driving experiences, with the Mustang leading the charge as a symbol of freedom and creativity.

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