2024 Mustang Review

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2024 Mustang ; In the midst of the electric and self-driving car era, it’s reasonable to question whether Ford is in the process of creating a 2024 Mustang. This curiosity gains significance due to the presence of the all-electric Mustang Mach-E. Nonetheless, the considerable and passionate Mustang fan base provides enough grounds to justify carrying forward the legacy of this iconic pony car into its seventh generation, which was unveiled on September 14, 2022. In the upcoming article on ArabGT, we will delve into the intricacies of the 2024 Mustang, elaborating on its specifications, features, and pricing.

2024 Mustang 1


The seventh-generation Mustang seamlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with its heritage-inspired design, catering to a wide spectrum of enthusiasts. Its front design emphasizes width with a low, horizontal brow, and the iconic Tri-Bar LED headlamps preserve the timeless Mustang lighting signature. The car’s authentic proportions, including the sleek roofline and confident stance, pay homage to the original generation, while the expanded rear haunches emanate the classic Mustang’s powerful essence.

2024 Mustang 2

Every model in the range showcases a unique front design; the GT version stands out with its larger grille openings that facilitate increased airflow, accompanied by novel hood vents and a redesigned front splitter aimed at enhancing aerodynamics. The freshly unveiled Mustang arrives with a selection of 11 exterior color choices, including the addition of two new shades.

2024 Mustang Interior 

In its seventh generation, the Mustang features its most advanced and driver-focused cockpit yet. Taking inspiration from fighter jets, the cockpit presents two curved displays that can be easily personalized to display relevant information for the driver. The default instrument gauge setting has transitioned from the conventional cool blue and light grey tones to a cutting-edge copper theme, in line with the Mustang Mach-E. Furthermore, the displays and interior lighting can be customized to various tones, and the instrument clusters adapt based on the chosen drive mode.

2024 Mustang 3


The latest Mustang boasts a standard upgraded 2.3-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine, now turbocharged, delivering 315 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. Each EcoBoost Mustang comes equipped with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

2024 Mustang GT
2024 Mustang GT

Will 2024 Mustang have V8?

Conversely, the Mustang GT, which maintains its 5.0-liter V-8 engine, is accompanied by a standard six-speed manual transmission. The newly introduced powerplant is capable of generating 480 horsepower and 415 pound-feet of torque.

An entirely fresh addition, the Mustang Dark Horse model, represents a track-focused advancement derived from the GT variant. It harnesses the power of a 5.0-liter V-8 engine, producing an impressive 500 horsepower. This model comes complete with a six-speed manual Tremec transmission, a feature inherited from the Mach1 variant.

2024 Mustang Dark Horse
2024 Mustang Dark Horse

How much will 2024 Mustang cost?

Numerous individuals inquire about the pricing of the 2024 Mustang, and the American car manufacturer has provided comprehensive pricing information on its official website. The cost varies, starting at $31,000 USD for the Ecoboost Fastback trim equipped with a 4-cylinder engine, and extends to the Dark Horse premium trim, which carries a price tag of approximately $64,000 USD.