2024 Honda Pilot Review

2024 Honda Pilot
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2024 Honda Pilot , With its rugged new design, enhanced passenger and cargo space, and a blend of off-road capability and sporty on-road performance, the all-new 2024 Honda Pilot stands as the largest and most powerful SUV in Honda’s history. Catering to families, this ultimate family SUV offers exceptional versatility.

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The fourth-generation Honda Pilot embodies a rugged design direction with features like an upright grille, flared fenders, and a strong beltline. Available in different trim levels, such as the Sport variant with gloss black accents and the Touring and Elite models with premium finishes, the Pilot offers style options to suit various preferences. Additionally, Honda provides post-production option packages, including the collaboration with Honda Performance Development, enabling owners to enhance the Pilot’s rugged look.

2024 Honda Pilot

Assembled in Alabama, the fourth-generation Honda Pilot combines reliability and versatility with its spacious interior and advanced safety features. Powered by a capable V6 engine paired with a ten-speed automatic transmission, the Pilot delivers robust performance. Whether navigating urban streets or exploring off-road terrain, the new Honda Pilot offers a blend of ruggedness, style, and practicality for adventurous SUV enthusiasts.

2024 Honda Pilot Interior

The all-new interior of the Honda Pilot showcases upscale design, premium materials, and a modern aesthetic. With clean surfacing and sophisticated touches, the Pilot offers a refined and elegant cabin experience.

2024 Honda Pilot

The Pilot also prioritizes comfort and spaciousness, with class-leading passenger room and increased legroom in the second and third rows. The front seats feature Body Stabilizing technology for reduced fatigue during long drives.


This iteration of the Pilot features a DOHC (non-VTEC) 3.5-liter V6 engine, delivering 285 horsepower (213 kW; 289 PS) and 262 lb⋅ft (355 N⋅m) of torque. Notably, this generation of the Honda Pilot is equipped with a ten-speed automatic gearbox, replacing the previous ZF nine-speed automatic gearbox.

2024 Honda Pilot

2024 Honda Pilot Price

Honda has yet to disclose the pricing details for the 2024 Honda Pilot. However, it is expected that the pricing will closely resemble that of the 2023 model, which started at $35,950 and went up to $52,030 for the fully equipped highest trim level.