2024 Ford F150 Lightning Review

2024 Ford F150 Lightning
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The 2024 Ford F150 Lightning represents a significant step into the realm of electric-powered pickup trucks, signifying Ford’s inaugural venture into the mass-market electric pickup sector. Earning praise from critics and the general populace alike, this vehicle has enjoyed a favorable reception. Given its recent introduction in 2022, the 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning has undergone minimal alterations, maintaining a consistent profile since its inception.

2024 Ford F150 Lightning


The Ford F-150 Lightning embodies the traditional F-Series ruggedness while introducing a modern and high-tech twist. It features signature LED lightbars and innovative grille designs that maintain its Built Ford Tough authenticity, giving it a distinctive and contemporary appearance.

2024 Ford F150 Lightning

At the same time, the F-150 Lightning boasts impressive aerodynamics with design enhancements such as reshaped running boards and a streamlined hood, enhancing its efficiency. The truck offers the practicality of unchanged cab and bed dimensions, ensuring compatibility with existing accessories. With these elements, the F-150 Lightning combines iconic toughness with innovative design and functional versatility.


2024 Ford F150 Lightning Interior

Sporting a sophisticated and contemporary design, the interface boasts a 15.5-inch touch screen that seamlessly adjusts to the driver’s actions. SYNC 4A employs intuitive voice control, cloud-linked navigation, and wireless connectivity to popular services such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, integrated Amazon Alexa, and SYNC AppLink apps. Enhancing the digital journey, the 12-inch instrument cluster elevates the experience by offering a personalized interface, ensuring essential information is readily accessible and fostering a sense of assurance.




In the realm of power and performance, the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning presents two distinct configurations to cater to a range of preferences. For the Pro, XLT, and LARIAT 510A models, the standard battery option is available. This variant boasts a targeted EPA-estimated range of 240 miles (386 km), coupled with an impressive output of 452 horsepower (337 kW) and a robust 775 pound-feet (1050 Nm) of torque, exemplifying a harmonious blend of efficiency and strength.

2024 Ford F150 Lightning

Stepping up the game, the F-150 Lightning with the extended-range battery option, accessible on the LARIAT SILA and Platinum models, as well as available for the XLT HZA, introduces a new level of capability. Aiming for an EPA-estimated range of 320 miles (515 km) for XLT and LARIAT, and 300 miles (483 km) for Platinum, this variant also brings forth elevated power, boasting a targeted 580 horsepower (433 kW) and maintaining the formidable 775 pound-feet (1050 Nm) of torque. Notably, the inclusion of the Ford Charge Station Pro enhances the overall appeal and convenience of the extended-range battery configuration.


2024 Ford F150 Lightning Price

Starting with the PRO model at $49,995, the F-150 Lightning offers affordability without compromise. Stepping up to the XLT at $54,995 adds a new dimension of features and capabilities, catering to those who seek more. The LARIAT, priced at $69,995, takes refinement and performance to new heights, while the top-tier Platinum at $91,995 embodies luxury and cutting-edge technology.

2024 Ford F150 Lightning

It is important to mention, however, that sustained robust demand prompted certain dealers to modify market prices.