2024 BYD Tang Review

2024 BYD Tang
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2024 BYD Tang  part of the esteemed Dynasty series by BYD, positions itself as a premium three-row electric SUV first introduced in 2015. It combines ambitious features with a high price tag, aimed at the upper echelons of the electric vehicle market.

2024 BYD Tang

Exterior Design

Inspired by the imagery of dragons, which symbolize power and fortune, the BYD Tang’s design integrates these elements into its exterior. The vehicle is engineered with German precision, featuring an all-aluminum body and independent suspension systems at both the front and rear. This not only aids in reducing the vehicle’s weight but also in maintaining a smooth and stable drive at varying speeds. The design is robust and functional, with a familiar yet modern SUV look that merges characteristics from various models into its own unique style.

2024 BYD Tang

2024 BYD Tang Interior

The interior of the Tang is designed with a focus on utility and comfort. It offers ample storage space, accommodating up to 1,655 liters behind the front seats and additional flexibility with 60/40 split rear seats that fold flat. The cabin features 31-color ambient lighting and a premium sound system with 12 speakers, enhancing the overall sensory experience of passengers. While the design ensures practicality, it also strives to maintain a luxurious feel that aligns with its exterior promise.

2024 BYD Tang

Powertrain & Performance

Under the hood, the Tang is equipped with a powerful dual-motor setup that delivers a 0-100 km/h sprint in 4.6 seconds. The vehicle offers a range of 528 km for city driving and 400 km combined, according to WLTP standards. BYD’s Blade Battery, a notable innovation, is built to endure extreme conditions, ensuring both safety and longevity. The SUV’s all-wheel-drive system adapts between front-wheel drive for efficiency and all-wheel drive for better traction, providing a balanced and reliable driving experience.

2024 BYD Tang

2024 BYD Tang Price

Starting at $64,000, the BYD Tang’s pricing reflects its position as a luxury model, with higher trims reaching up to $107,000. This price range makes it a considerable investment for those interested in a high-end electric SUV.