2023 Toyota CHR Review

2023 Toyota CHR
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The 2023 Toyota CHR is a compact crossover vehicle produced by the Japanese company since 2016. It falls into the category of small crossover cars and occupies a size range between the Toyota Corolla Cross and Toyota Yaris Cross. While still in its first generation, the car underwent an update process in 2019, introducing additional specifications and features.

2023 Toyota CHR


The 2023 Toyota CHR stands out from its Toyota counterparts with a distinctive design inspired by the shape of a diamond, as stated by the Japanese company. The small Toyota CHR jeep features a two-color exterior design option, offering a black roof with a variety of color choices. These colors include gray, red, blue, orange, and others, allowing for personalization and style customization.

2023 Toyota CHR


The interior design of the Toyota CHR is influenced by the philosophy of “Me Zone,” which reflects the idea of a personal and private space. This concept is manifested in the cabin’s design, ensuring a high level of comfort by placing essential keys and control buttons within easy reach of the driver. Moreover, the cabin offers smartphone connectivity, including support for Apple CarPlay. Notable features in the cabin include electric control for the driver’s seat, as well as seat heating for both the driver and front passenger. Additionally, the Toyota CHR comes with a leather-wrapped steering wheel, an entertainment and information system featuring an 8-inch screen, and a 6-speaker audio system.

2023 Toyota CHR


The 2023 Toyota CH-R Jeep is available in the Saudi market and across the Arab region, featuring a single option: a hybrid system. This hybrid system combines the power of a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine, generating 96 horsepower, with an electric motor. Together, these two engines generate a combined power output of up to 121 horsepower. The hybrid system is mated to an automatic CVT transmission, which transfers power to the front axle, enabling the car to operate with a front-wheel drive system.

When it comes to fuel efficiency, this car excels. With its hybrid system, it achieves an impressive distance of 23.9 kilometers per liter of fuel consumed. The car’s fuel tank has a capacity of 43 liters.

2023 Toyota CHR

2023 Toyota CHR Price

The Toyota CH-R is currently available for purchase at Abdul Latif Jameel Company, the official Toyota car dealer in Saudi Arabia. The starting price for this car is approximately 102,000 Saudi riyals, which is equivalent to around 27,000 US dollars.


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