$840,000 Ferrari SF90 XX is A Track-Ready Street Beast

Ferrari SF90 XX
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For nearly two decades, Ferrari’s XX program has primarily concentrated on developing high-performance, track-exclusive vehicles. However, the renowned Italian brand is breaking new ground by introducing the Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale and SF90 XX Spider, marking its first-ever road-legal cars in the XX Program.

A limited production of only 799 coupes and 599 convertibles will be manufactured by Ferrari, each equipped with a plug-in hybrid V8 powertrain. The eight-cylinder engine produces 769 horsepower, complemented by three electric motors that contribute to a combined output of 1,016 horsepower. Notably, the electric drivetrain incorporates a temporary power boost feature, capable of reducing lap times on the Fiorano circuit by a significant quarter of a second.

Ferrari SF90 XX 1

When it comes to performance, the two XX cars from Ferrari truly live up to their four-digit power outputs. Ferrari boasts an astonishing 0-60 time of just 2.3 seconds and a top speed of 199 mph for these vehicles, leaving no room for disappointment. Furthermore, the SF90 XX Stradale features larger brakes compared to the standard SF90, ensuring enhanced stopping power. Being a plug-in hybrid, the SF90 XX Stradale also offers an electric range of approximately 15.5 miles and an electric-only top speed of 84 mph.

While certain Ferrari models emphasize luxury, others prioritize a stripped-down approach centered on performance. The XX models epitomize this performance-driven philosophy, evident in their purposeful cabins. Ferrari outfits these cars with carbon fiber racing seats and a distinctively crafted center stack, featuring design elements that echo the exterior aesthetics of the vehicle. Similar to other Ferraris, the gauge cluster in the XX models assumes the majority of functions typically found on a central touchscreen.

The coupe version of the XX model carries a staggering price tag of over $840,000, making it a highly exclusive and unattainable option for most. Ferrari’s decision to produce only a limited number of units ensures its exclusivity, and as expected, the entire production run has already been sold out. Given Ferrari’s typical practices, it is unlikely that any more units will be made available. Therefore, individuals seeking an exciting plug-in hybrid experience may want to consider exploring alternatives such as the new Prius.