Exclusive: Exploring Porsche’s Electric Vision with Dr. Manfred Braunl on Business Chat

Manfred Braunl
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In a captivating episode of “Business Chat,” host Mousub Shashaa takes the audience through an engaging dialogue with Dr. Manfred Braunl, CEO of Porsche Middle East & Africa FZE. Recorded at the scenic DRVN by Porsche Café on Bluewater’s Island, Dubai, the discussion delves deep into Porsche’s strategic milestones and its forward-looking vision, all skillfully navigated by Shashaa’s probing questions and insights.

Exclusive: Exploring Porsche's Electric Vision with Dr. Manfred Braunl on Business Chat

Record-Breaking Sales and Strategic Insights

2023 marked a year of triumph for Porsche in the Middle East, with sales surging by 11% from the previous year, building on a 20% increase the year before. This growth signifies not just a strong market presence but also the unwavering appeal of the Porsche brand. Dr. Bräunl emphasized, however, that numbers only tell part of the story. For Porsche, the focus remains on the long-term brand positioning and customer satisfaction, underlining the commitment to maintaining a prestigious brand image and a loyal customer base.

Looking ahead, Dr. Bräunl shared his optimism for 2024, despite acknowledging the global challenges and supply chain issues affecting the automotive industry. He highlighted the strategic importance of the Middle East, Africa, and India markets, which collectively cover 15 countries, underscoring the diverse and complex nature of Porsche’s operations.

The conversation then shifted towards Porsche’s best-selling models in the region. Not surprisingly, the Porsche Cayenne and Macan lead the pack, reflecting a strong preference for high-end SUVs among the Middle Eastern and African consumers. Dr. Manfred Braunl also touched on the significant markets within the region, with the UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and India being pivotal to Porsche’s growth strategy.

Embracing Electric: The Porsche Taycan and Macan

The discussion ventured into the realm of electric mobility, where Porsche has taken bold steps with the Taycan and the upcoming electric Macan. Dr. Bräunl expressed pride in Porsche’s electric ventures, noting the Taycan’s success and the anticipation surrounding the electric Macan. He elaborated on the strategic decision to offer both electric and combustion models to cater to diverse customer preferences, reflecting Porsche’s commitment to innovation and customer choice.


A Personal Touch: Dr. Bräunl’s Porsche Passion

In a more personal segment of the conversation, Dr. Manfred Braunl shared his fondness for classic Porsches, especially the Carrera GT, illustrating his deep connection with the brand’s heritage and its diverse range of vehicles.

Dr. Bräunl also spoke passionately about the “Porsche Icons” event, a testament to Porsche’s effort to build a community among its enthusiasts. This event, along with others like it, underscores Porsche’s philosophy of not just selling cars but creating a vibrant community of Porsche aficionados.

Looking Ahead with Optimism

The interview concluded on a forward-looking note, with Dr. Bräunl reiterating Porsche’s commitment to innovation, customer engagement, and the exploration of electric mobility. As Porsche continues to navigate the complexities of the global automotive landscape, its focus remains on delivering excellence and fostering a deep connection with its customers.

In a world facing unprecedented challenges, Porsche stands as a beacon of resilience, innovation, and unwavering dedication to its community. Under the stewardship of visionaries like Dr. Manfred Bräunl, Porsche not only navigates the present with grace but also looks to the future with an ambitious and optimistic eye.

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