The long-awaited New Android Auto is finally being released at CES

The long-awaited redesign of Android Auto is finally being released at CES (1)
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With the announcement of updates to the Google Built-In automotive software suite, the tech world is buzzing about the long-awaited arrival of the next generation of Android Auto. After months of anticipation, this highly anticipated release promises to bring exciting new features and improvements to drivers everywhere. Car enthusiasts and tech lovers alike are eagerly anticipating the new software, which is expected to revolutionize the way people interact with their vehicles on a daily basis. With its cutting-edge technology and sleek, modern design, the new Android Auto is sure to be a game changer in the world of automotive technology.

In an announcement made at CES, it was revealed that the much-awaited new version of Android Auto, which was initially previewed at Google I/O 2022, has finally begun to roll out. This latest iteration of the in-car interface for Android smartphones boasts a brand-new tiled layout that is not only more visually appealing but also provides greater flexibility in adapting to various screen sizes and aspect ratios. With this revamped design, users can easily modify and customize the interface according to their preferences, resulting in a more personalized in-car experience.

The long-awaited redesign of Android Auto is finally being released at CES (2)

In left-hand drive markets such as the United States, the map takes up the majority of the left side of the screen in the split-screen layout, placing it closer to the driver. On the right side, a large tile displays the currently playing audio source, app, or podcast with significant artwork. The progress bar of the audio source is now seekable, enabling users to jump to the middle of a long podcast or audiobook chapter with a single tap. According to Google, this is one of the most requested features, and it has been on the wishlist of many users.

The Now Playing tile on the split-screen resizes for incoming messages or Google Assistant suggestions. A new shortcut bar with more icons appears on the bottom or side of the display, allowing quick switching between audio, messages, and phone calls without the app menu.

Google Assistant in Android Auto will become more proactive by offering smart suggestions to the driver such as missed call reminders, arrival time sharing, and music and podcast recommendations. These suggestions can be accessed through voice commands or via a preview panel on the right side of the screen. In addition, users will soon be able to make voice calls using WhatsApp through Android Auto.