Volkswagen Acknowledges Customer Frustration with Touch Controls and Plans a Solution

Volkswagen Acknowledges Customer Frustration with Touch Controls and Plans a Solution (2)
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Regardless of your opinion on Volkswagen, one thing that has remained consistent is their ability to provide functional interiors featuring a straightforward dashboard design and user-friendly controls. However, this changed when the eighth-generation Golf was released in 2019, as the team from Wolfsburg decided to experiment with touch controls. This innovation extended beyond finicky buttons on the steering wheel and included a touch slider below the infotainment system for temperature adjustments.

The ID.3, along with models from other mainstream brands under the VW Group, also adopted this touch control setup. However, VW acknowledged that implementing touch controls was a mistake, and fortunately, the German brand has taken steps to rectify the situation by announcing the removal of the climate control sliders and haptic steering wheel buttons, providing a promising solution for the frustrated customers.

It is worth mentioning that despite Volkswagen’s recent mid-cycle facelift for the ID.3, the compact electric hatchback still retains the old layout. However, the upcoming next-generation Tiguan, showcased in official images, will be the first model to feature the redesigned setup. Moreover, the Golf Mk 8.5 and the wagon-only Passat B9, developed by Skoda, will also embrace the new touch-less arrangement.

The interior of the 2024 Tiguan introduces a notable addition—a rotary knob equipped with an OLED screen. This multifunctional knob allows for adjusting the volume, selecting ambient lighting colors, and choosing driving modes for the 4Motion Active Control system. However, it’s important to note that Volkswagen is not returning to a plethora of conventional controls within their vehicles, as the trend nowadays is to incorporate large screens and consolidate most functions within the infotainment system. Similar to the ID.7, the Tiguan will boast an infotainment screen measuring up to 15 inches, providing a matching size between the two models.

In general, automakers are transitioning away from cabins filled with numerous buttons in an effort to declutter their interiors and embrace a minimalist aesthetic that highlights the principle of “less is more.”