Tesla Model S Plaid Track Package Enables 200-MPH Top Speed

Tesla Model S Plaid Track Package Enables 200-MPH Top Speed
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Tesla is fulfilling its long-standing promise by introducing the Track package for the Model S Plaid, aiming to unleash the full performance capabilities of the electric sedan. While the Tesla Model S Plaid impressed with its impressive 0-60 mph acceleration of 2.1 seconds in Car and Driver testing in 2021, its top speed was limited to 162 mph due to inadequate brakes. However, with upgraded brakes now included, the Model S Plaid will be able to reach its intended top speed of 200 mph. This update follows the introduction of Track mode last year, which offered enhanced control over stability and improved cooling, among other notable modifications.

Tesla has finally delivered on its promise of a carbon-ceramic brake package for the Model S Plaid, which was initially announced during the vehicle’s launch in 2021. Despite claims that the package would be available last summer, it remained uncertain if Tesla had actually installed the more powerful brakes on any cars until now. The official upgrade includes six-piston forged front calipers, four-piston forged rear calipers, and high-performance brake pads. These components work in conjunction with 16.1-inch carbon-ceramic front and rear rotors. Notably, the package also includes “track-ready” brake fluid. It is worth mentioning that the carbon-ceramic brake kit can be purchased separately from the rest of the Track pack, providing customers with more flexibility.

In addition to the brake upgrade, the package includes enhancements to the wheels and tires. Tesla introduces new aluminum forged wheels, branded as “Zero-G,” which are paired with Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R tires. The front tires measure 285/35R20, while the rear tires measure 305/30R20. It’s important to note that the new brakes are compatible with the 21-inch “Arachnid” wheels but not with the 19-inch “Tempest” wheels.


Tesla has provided a price range of “$15,000-$20,000” for the Model S Plaid Track package. While it is not explicitly clarified by Tesla, we speculate that the $15,000 price corresponds to the standalone carbon-ceramic brake kit, while the full $20,000 payment includes the complete Track package with wheels and tires. The Model S Plaid Track package is set to be released in June 2023 and can be retrofitted to Plaid models from 2021 onwards.