Recall of 1.1 Million Tesla Cars in China Due to Braking Defect

Recall of 1.1 Million Tesla Cars in China Due to Braking Defect
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In response to an accelerator pedal defect that potentially raises the risk of a crash, Tesla has initiated a recall of over one million Tesla Cars in China . To address this issue, the electric automaker intends to provide a software update via over-the-air delivery as a corrective measure.

According to Automotive News, the issue arises from the strength of Tesla’s regenerative braking system, which cannot be customized by the user in the impacted vehicles. Additionally, the vehicles do not provide any alerts to drivers when they have been pressing down on the accelerator pedal for an extended period, potentially increasing the risk of pedal misapplication. This information comes from China’s regulatory body, the State Administration for Market Regulation.

The 1.1 million affected car owners will not need to visit service centers for the remedy, as the fix will be delivered through an over-the-air update. This update will enable drivers to customize the intensity of the regenerative braking system and also provide notifications when the accelerator pedal has been pressed for an extended duration.

Recall of 1.1 Million Tesla Cars in China Due to Braking Defect

Tesla has garnered the highest number of recalls among automakers. In February, over 360,000 cars were recalled due to issues with its flawed self-driving beta software. Following that, in March, specific Model Y vehicles were subject to a recall due to the potential risk of the steering wheels detaching while the vehicle was in motion.

It is important to highlight that during the first quarter of 2023, Tesla Cars in China sales performance demonstrated remarkable growth. The total volume of vehicles sold, specifically 229,322 MIC cars, stood as a testament to this achievement. This figure represents an impressive surge of nearly 26 percent compared to the corresponding period of the previous year, showcasing the substantial expansion of Tesla’s market presence in China. Furthermore, this exceptional sales milestone set a new quarterly record for the company, surpassing the previously established record of 227,791 vehicle sales in the fourth quarter of 2022. This remarkable growth in sales highlights Tesla’s increasing popularity and demand in the Chinese market, solidifying its position as a leading electric vehicle manufacturer in the region.