Lewis Hamilton to Leave Mercedes and Join Ferrari F1 Team in 2025

Lewis Hamilton to Leave Mercedes F1 and Join Ferrari in 2025 (2)
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Lewis Hamilton, in a move that has created a seismic shift in the Formula 1 racing landscape, is at the forefront of Ferrari’s landmark announcement. The storied Italian racing squad has inked a multi-year deal with the illustrious British driver, set to commence in the 2025 season. This significant transition will see Hamilton stepping in for current Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz, creating a powerhouse team with Charles Leclerc, who has reaffirmed his commitment to the team until the end of the 2024 season.

The buzz began on the morning of February 1st, with rumors rapidly spreading about the 7-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton. It wasn’t long before Mercedes-AMG Petronas and Scuderia Ferrari jointly confirmed the news: Lewis Hamilton is slated to join Scuderia Ferrari in 2025, replacing Carlos Sainz and partnering with Charles Leclerc.

Hamilton’s tenure with Mercedes-AMG Petronas dates back to 2013, spanning over a decade of remarkable achievements. His tenure with the team is marked by some of the most dominant seasons in the history of the sport. At the age of 39, Lewis Hamilton is recognized as the most successful F1 driver ever, boasting an impressive tally of 103 race wins and 104 pole positions.

Shifting gears from the racetrack to the corporate arena, and in the wake of Lewis Hamilton joining the team, Ferrari’s recent announcement during a teleconference, following the disclosure of their 2023 sales figures, unveiled some intriguing developments in their commercial vehicle division. The past year saw Ferrari achieving a notable 3% increase in sales, with a total of 13,663 new Ferrari supercars finding owners. This surge in demand, further fueled by the excitement around Lewis Hamilton’s arrival, is so significant that all current models are sold out until the end of 2025, pushing the delivery of new orders to no earlier than 2026.


Lewis Hamilton to Leave Mercedes F1 and Join Ferrari in 2025

Despite the logistical challenges posed by this overwhelming demand, Ferrari is not resting on its laurels. The company is gearing up to introduce three new models this year. Although shrouded in secrecy, as is typical for Ferrari, there’s mounting anticipation surrounding these releases. Speculation is rife that one of the new supercars, which has been glimpsed in spy shots featuring a production-ready body, will be officially unveiled within the next eleven months.

In a departure from tradition, Ferrari is reportedly moving away from its long-standing preference for V12 engines. The upcoming supercar, internally referred to as the “F250,” is rumored to be powered by a twin-turbo hybrid V6 engine, marking a significant shift from the F40’s iconic V12. The planned production includes 599 coupes, 199 convertibles, and 30 units of a more powerful Model XX, totaling 828 vehicles. The coupe is expected to be released this year, with production of the XX model commencing in 2027 and the convertible making its debut in 2028. The final assembly of these models is anticipated to be completed by 2030.

Further adding to the excitement, Ferrari is also poised to unveil the successor to the 812 Superfast. This new model, which has been spotted undergoing testing with a Ferrari Roma body, is one of the three cars slated for release this year. The identity of the third car remains a mystery, but there is speculation about the possibilities, including a new Icona model, a derivative of the Purusanjoi SUV, or a unique one-off creation.

Lewis Hamilton to Leave Mercedes F1 and Join Ferrari in 2025

It’s noteworthy that this year will not see the launch of Ferrari’s much-anticipated electric vehicle. The first all-electric Ferrari is scheduled for a 2025 release, and the new facility for manufacturing this zero-emission car is set to open this year.

In a move that underscores the company’s robust performance and success, Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna announced during the conference call that employees will receive a substantial bonus of approximately 13,500 euros (around 14,700 US dollars) for the record-breaking achievements of 2023. This gesture is a testament to the Italian marque’s continued excellence and the industry-wide acclaim it continues to garner.

Amidst all the advancements and strategic shifts, Ferrari remains committed to its V12 legacy. Despite acknowledging the superior performance of the V8 turbo engine, Ferrari maintains that the emotional appeal of the V12 is unmatched. In line with this commitment, the company had previously announced plans in May 2021 to introduce a more powerful twelve-cylinder engine, surpassing the 830 horsepower mark set by the 812 Superfast and Daytona SP3 models.

In addition, as Ferrari embarks on this exciting new chapter with Lewis Hamilton, the automotive world is watching intently, filled with anticipation. Everyone is eager to see how this iconic brand’s journey will unfold, a journey that is distinguished by its innovation, prestige, and relentless commitment to excellence.