Chery’s OMODA & JAECOO Embrace Green Technology for the Future

Chery's OMODA & JAECOO Embrace Green Technology for the Future
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By introducing OMODA and JAECOO on April 20th, Chery\s OJ brands have garnered worldwide recognition and captivated the interest of onlookers. At the preceding global dealer conference, OJ Brands showcased their cutting-edge green and new energy technologies, drawing the attention of more than 400 global dealers and media journalists. As of present, the combined media coverage for April has reached an impressive 4.87 billion impressions.

Chery has recognized that the current industry trends are centered around New Energy Vehicles and intelligent mobility. In response, they have strategically positioned their brands, OMODA and JAECOO. OMODA is targeted towards fashion-savvy consumers, offering models that combine a sporty design with modern technological features. On the other hand, JAECOO is geared towards customers who enjoy outdoor activities and can be described as urban off-road enthusiasts. Consequently, JAECOO models will primarily cater to the 4×4 and SUV segment, whereas OMODA models will predominantly consist of crossovers and compact SUVs.

Chery's OMODA & JAECOO Embrace Green Technology for the Future

In line with the current advancements in the automotive industry, the OMODA and JAECOO brands not only prioritize fashionable and innovative designs, coupled with intelligent technological configurations, but they also progressively shift their focus towards new energy vehicles, striving to shape a future defined by eco-friendly technology. To address the diverse needs of users, personalized solutions are introduced. Specifically, in response to the emerging technological transformations within the automotive sector, OMODA has introduced the OMODA 5 EV model, tailored to meet user demands, with a dedicated commitment to establishing a prominent position in the industry competition and leading brand development. This ensures the fulfillment of the new global user expectations for green and intelligent transportation. Concurrently, JAECOO is actively expanding its presence in the market by expediting the development of the PHEV model, which is scheduled for a global release by the end of 2023, generating palpable anticipation.