Updated Aston Martin Engines for Vintage Models.

Aston Martin Provides Updated Aston Martin Engines for Vintage Models
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Aston Martin has recently introduced a program that offers new engine options for some of its classic cars, providing owners with the opportunity to upgrade the performance of their beloved vehicles. Through the program, owners of classic Aston Martin models such as the DB4, DB5, and DB6 can now have their cars fitted new engines and other parts, allowing for improved acceleration and a smoother ride

According to a statement by Paul Spires, the President of Aston Martin Works, the assistance provided by the heritage department at ZF, the gearbox supplier, was crucial in the process of replicating the gearboxes that adhere to the original specifications.

Aston Martin Provides Updated Aston Martin Engines for Vintage Models

For owners of classic Aston Martin cars, maintaining the authenticity and provenance of their vehicles is of utmost importance. To support this, the carmaker offers official parts accompanied by proper documentation certifying their authenticity. This is particularly significant for owners looking to ensure the historical integrity of their cars.

Furthermore, Aston Martin has been running its own provenance program, called Aston Martin Assured Provenance, since 2015, which provides owners with a comprehensive record of their car’s history, including its production details, ownership, and maintenance history. This program has been highly appreciated by Aston Martin owners who value the history and heritage of their classic cars.

Aston Martin Provides Updated Aston Martin Engines for Vintage Models

With the availability of classic parts, owners can now store matching-number parts and opt for modern replacements, which allows them to drive their classic cars without damaging the original parts. This not only ensures that the original parts are preserved, but it also helps maintain the resale value of the cars in the future.

With this new program, Aston Martin is not only preserving the legacy of its iconic models but also ensuring that they remain relevant and enjoyable to drive for years to come.