2024 VW Golf Unveiled: Enhanced Performance, New Controls, and Extended PHEV Range

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Volkswagen is revitalizing its classic compact model, the 2024 VW Golf, to stay competitive in the dynamic automotive market, particularly against the rising popularity of crossovers. The Mk8.5 Golf comes with a more assertive design, a sophisticated infotainment system, and essential mechanical enhancements. While the GTI and Golf R variants will grace the US market, European enthusiasts will have access to the standard 2024 VW Golf in both hatchback and wagon forms.

The introduction of the refreshed 2024 VW Golf unveils a variety of versions. The hatchback model is available in eHybrid and GTE plug-in hybrid formats, as well as the GTI intended for American consumers. The Variant estate is introduced in the dynamic R-Line version. Notably, the all-wheel-drive R and the GTD performance diesel are missing from this lineup.

The exterior of the 2024 VW Golf features significant upgrades, notably the revamped LED lighting. The top-tier Golf models boast an intricate full-LED headlight system, including an illuminated VW emblem. For those desiring an even more luxurious touch, there’s the option to opt for an advanced matrix LED system, providing a high beam nearly twice as intense as the standard one. The rear of the 2024 VW Golf is equally impressive, showcasing sophisticated taillights with a 3D effect and three customizable patterns, reminiscent of select Audi models.

2024 VW Golf Unveiled Enhanced Performance, New Controls, and Extended PHEV Range

2024 VW Golf: Design and Functionality Enhancements

In this latest iteration, the 2024 VW Golf introduces four new metallic colors (Crystal Ice Blue, Anemone Blue, Oyster Silver, Grenadilla Black) and a range of five new alloy wheel designs, varying from 16 to 19 inches. Each variant – including Golf, Life, Style, R-Line, GTE, and GTI – features subtly redesigned bumpers, and from the Style trim onwards, a chic black roof enhances the vehicle’s silhouette.

Unlike previous versions, the more spacious body styles won’t include the eHybrid, GTE, and GTI variants. Nonetheless, there’s an expectation that the high-performance Golf R Variant wagon will continue in the lineup. At the CES event, VW provided a preview of the revamped interior of the 2024 VW Golf. In response to traditional preferences, the new models revert to physical buttons on the steering wheel, a change likely to be adopted in the Golf R as well. It’s worth noting that in the European market, the basic Golf Mk8 models came with conventional controls, with the touch-sensitive keys reserved for the more expensive variants.

2024 VW Golf Unveiled Enhanced Performance

2024 VW Golf: Interior and Performance Innovations

The most remarkable interior upgrade in the 2024 VW Golf is the next-generation infotainment system, displayed on a large, tablet-style screen. This screen measures 10.4 inches in the more affordable Golfs and 12.9 inches in the higher-end models. Although modern elements have been introduced, the contentious sliders for the air conditioning system remain, now enhanced with illumination for better visibility and operation. Additionally, an optional head-up display is available.

2024 VW Golf GTE
2024 VW Golf GTE

Under the bonnet, the base model 2024 VW Golf is equipped with a 1.5 TSI gasoline engine, offered in either 113 or 148 horsepower configurations, both utilizing a six-speed manual transmission to drive the front wheels. A mild-hybrid version of the same engine, the 1.5 eTSI, delivers identical power but is exclusively paired with a seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission.

For those requiring additional power, the 2024 VW Golf offers a stronger 2.0 TSI engine, producing 201 hp and paired with a seven-speed DSG. Remarkably, the lineup no longer includes the smaller three-cylinder 1.0 TSI engine previously available in the earlier Golf generation. Diesel aficionados have options too, with the dependable 2.0 TDI engine available in two versions: a 113 hp variant with a six-speed manual, and a more powerful 148 hp model with a seven-speed DSG. Both diesel versions are front-wheel drive, ensuring consistent performance and handling.

2024 VW Golf Unveiled Enhanced Performance 2

2024 VW Golf: Hybrid and Advanced Performance Options

Beyond diesel, the eHybrid variant of the 2024 VW Golf provides an appealing alternative with its 201 hp, six-speed DSG, and front-wheel-drive configuration. This hybrid version boasts a larger lithium-ion battery pack, increasing from 10.6 kilowatt-hours to 19.7 kilowatt-hours, allowing for an impressive electric range of up to 62 miles (100 kilometers) – a significant improvement from the previous Golf eHybrid’s 50-mile maximum range.

The plug-in hybrid model of the 2024 VW Golf now supports AC charging at 11 kilowatts (up from 3.6 kilowatts) and can accommodate DC charging at up to 50 kilowatts. This enables the battery to charge from 10% to 80% in approximately 25 minutes. With a fully charged battery and a full tank of gas, VW estimates the vehicle can cover up to 621 miles (1,000 kilometers) before needing to refuel.

The Golf GTE variant, a performance-focused model, boasts a combined power output of 268 hp, delivered to the front wheels via a six-speed DSG. Similar to the regular eHybrid, it has transitioned from the old 1.4 TSI engine to the newer 1.5 TSI, incorporating variable turbocharger geometry. This update endows the GTE with an extra 27 hp over its predecessor, enhancing the dynamic performance of the 2024 VW Golf.

2024 VW Golf Unveiled Enhanced Performance, New Controls, and Extended PHEV Range

2024 VW Golf: The Future of Volkswagen’s Iconic Hatchback

Rounding off the range is the updated 2024 VW Golf GTI, notable for its Alfa Romeo-inspired wheels. Unfortunately, this high-performance hatchback has relinquished its manual transmission in favor of a seven-speed DSG, which directs 261 hp to the front wheels – a 20 hp increase from the previous model.

2024 VW Golf Unveiled Enhanced Performance, New Controls, and Extended PHEV Range

While the Clubsport variant, previously available in Europe with 296 hp, is currently absent from the lineup, the model showcased at CES may indicate a forthcoming launch in the United States. Meanwhile, there’s growing anticipation for the later reveal of the Golf R, although the future of the GTD remains uncertain, particularly in light of declining diesel popularity post the VW Group’s scandal. This change mirrors a broader shift in the automotive industry and consumer preferences, with the 2024 VW Golf leading the way in this evolving market.