What Is The Truth Behind New Dodge Viper Cars Being Sold in 2020?

Today, we will reveal to you the truth about selling new Dodge Viper cars in 2020 despite the production ending of this American sports car a couple of years ago.

Before talking about this topic which would be exciting for the fans of the poisonous snake whose production was ceased by the FCA group (the owner of the Dodge brand), this is the latest articles our team at ArabGT talked posted about the Viper model:

Although the production of new Dodge Viper cars has ended in 2017 after producing 5 generations of this model, this year, 2020, witnessed the sale of two brand-new versions of Viper in the third quarter of this year which witnessed the spread of Coronavirus, and in the last three months, two customers got these cars that were manufactured years ago and were still available for sale at Dodge dealerships.

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The year 2019 witnessed the sale of 5 copies of the new Viper cars that were manufactured in 2017 after providing discounts on their price, and the year 2020 witnessed more discounts on the prices, which resulted in the sale of those two copies of this model that left the production lines. According to the information published on several websites, the last two Viper cars were sold during the year 2020 after providing a 60% discount on their prices!

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Our Arab GT team has previously discussed expectations about the reason behind the decision to stop production of new Dodge Viper cars and retire this sports car, and, likely, one of the reasons for this decision is due to the Viper was unable to comply with FMVSS 226 safety regulation, which requires side curtain airbags.

Other reports suggested that the reason was due to a decrease in sales of this model, which forced Dodge to take this sad decision.

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