Watch The Gearbox Of GMC Sierra Being Maintained Professionally

Today, we will show you the maintenance process of the gearbox of GMC Sierra, but not any Sierra, we will see today the pickup truck that works as a member of ArabGT mobile team for filming desert episodes, before the gearbox is modified to Stage 3.

At the beginning of today’s video Suhaib Shashaa posed a number of questions that he will answer as part of a new episode of our Vlog program on our YouTube channel:

How do you know that the gearbox needs to be maintained?

Should you exchange gear oil?

Can the gearbox be modified?

What are the parts inside the car’s gearbox?

We would like to note at the beginning that we went to the Compass Automatic Gear Center, which specializes in everything related to the gearboxes of cars manufactured in Europe, Japan, and America. They also provide the customers with a warranty for the work they do.

Watch The Video:

Initially, the 6-speed automatic Gearbox Of GMC Sierra pick-up vehicle equipped with a 5.3-liter engine was dismantled, after that, the gearbox was checked, and they discovered that the transmission fluid was black, due to the heavy use of this vehicle in the desert. The dark color indicates that the gear oil is burned and lacks its viscosity and basic properties, and this greatly affects the gearbox of the car.

One of the most important things that must be done to keep the gearbox of the car in a good shape is regular maintenance and changing the transmission fluid after traveling a certain distance as advised by the manufacturer’s manual., Do not use cheap products, replace the filter every time, and check for the parts that may need to be changed after changing the oil.

Watch The Gearbox Of GM Sierra Being Maintained Professionally (2)

Please note that we went to Compass Automatic Gear Center in Dubai, knowing that the main branch of this center is located in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, and this center provides a 15% discount on the parts and installation fees for ArabGT followers.

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