Watch The Automated Valet Parking Feature In Ford Cars

Thanks to the partnership between Ford and Bosch, the new automated valet parking system in Ford cars has arrived in Detroit, Michigan, the home of the US auto industry.

The German automakers Mercedes, Audi, and BMW, have already provided this smart technology that enables cars to park themselves in garages.  Depending on sensors placed in the garage and on the vehicle, a car can park itself without anyone inside, and this technology allows the driver to request his car to go out and head towards his whereabouts using his smartphone.

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And now Ford, in cooperation with the German company Bosch, which manufactures a variety of products and auto parts, has been able to test this technology after equipping a garage in Detroit with the smart sensors and the infrastructure that the new automatic parking system relies on to control the car.

The connected Ford test vehicles operate in a highly automated fashion by vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication with Bosch’s intelligent parking infrastructure. The infrastructure sensors recognize and localize the vehicle to guide its parking maneuver, including the ability to help avoid pedestrians and other hazards. If the infrastructure senses something in the vehicle’s path, it can stop the vehicle immediately.

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Automated parking solutions bring value to garage owners by allowing for the more efficient use of spaces inside a parking garage. With automated valet parking, the same amount of space can accommodate up to 20 percent more vehicles. The solution can be deployed via retrofitted solutions like the one in the Assembly Garage or with embedded infrastructure planned into the construction of new garages that enables optimized design for the maximum capacity.

Perhaps many of us wish that the new automatic parking system would be available in the cars we drive when we go to the malls and that the time we waste while looking for a place to park our vehicles would be reduced.

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