WARNING: A Terrifying Episode Of A Modified Chevrolet Silverado Full Of Skulls

Warning: Today we will show you a terrifying episode of Special Car program, starred by a modified Chevrolet Silverado full of skulls, which our colleague Suhaib Shashaa test drove.

Before we tell you about the terrifying modifications that the American Chevy Silverado got, here are some previous episodes of Special Car program:

Watch The Video of the modified Chevrolet Silverado:

In the beginning, Suhaib described this modified version of the Silverado 1500 HD pickup with a deep sentence, indicating that the star of today’s episode “has transformed from a scrapped vehicle to a dream truck, after it was sold at auction in a poor condition!”

These modifications were made specifically on this 2010 Silverado after it was bought in a poor condition, despite the fact that it had a very low mileage. But it was treated well since then, as it got an amazing body kit and a great airbrush paint job that transformed into the “Road Horror”.

The star of today’s episode did not get any mechanical modifications, yet it was transformed into a strange work of art through very bold exterior modifications that our colleague Suhaib talked about in detail, and the car also got a modified exhaust with a distinct sound.

More Pictures of the modified Chevrolet Silverado:

The modifications included new front hood and new front and rear bumpers, and the front and rear fenders were changed as well. New parts were added ti increase the width of the car compared to the regular Silverado HD, and the car also  got new LED headlights and new taillights.

Our Arab GT team would like to thank Jasem, known by the nickname “Jasem Road Horror”, the owner of this modified truck.


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