VW Scirocco R-Line Is The Last Star of Volkswagen Stars Competition

The Volkswagen Stars Challenge has reached the final episode, and today we introduce to the 13th contender for the title; the Lebanese Fayez Al-Asa’ad, who lives in Kuwait, and who is competing with Scirocco R Line, one of the VW cars he owns.

Volkswagen Scirocco R-Line is a rare car in Kuwait, and Fayez told us how ended up with this car, he said his dream of owning a VW R-Line started 10 years ago, and at first, he wanted a Golf R32 MK5, but he could not find what he was looking for. After years he wanted to own a Golf MK6, but again, he couldn’t find a car with the color and specifications he wanted.

After years of searching for his dream car, Fayez Al-Asa’ad bought the star of today’s episode; the Scirocco R Line. There are only 6 copies of this car in the whole country, which makes it a distinctive rare car.

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When he bought the Volkswagen Scirocco R Line, it was a stock car without any modifications, but he made some bolt-on modifications, including a modified exhaust system.

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