Volvo Asks For Help From China’s Geely Cars

Today, we will talk about the Swedish company Volvo and its decision to start using Geely cars chassis to build a new electric model that joins its lineup of production vehicles.

Before talking about the new electric crossover from Volvo, here are some of the Chinese cars that our team at ArabGT has test-driven:

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According to the official information available to our team at Arab GT, Volvo is currently working on the development of an electric crossover car smaller than the Volvo XC40, and this new car will bear the name Volvo XC20 and will depend on the chassis of Geely cars.

Volvo Asks For Help From Chnia's Geely Cars (3)

Volvo President and CEO Hakan Samuelsson told Auto Express Thursday that Volvo plans to use Geely’s new Sustainable Experience Architecture platform for a smaller model, likely an SUV to sit below the current XC40. He explained:  “If you want to do a smaller car than XC40 then SEA can do it. We will use it for that.Ground clearance and off-roading capability are probably not the most important things now.”

The Swedish company has not revealed further official details but has previously announced that it will add a new fully electric car to its fleet of production cars every year over the next five years, since it wants to make 50% of the models it sells in the market by 2025 fully electric.

It is worth noting that the Geely’s SEA chassis that will be used in the upcoming Volvo XC20 electric car was also used on the Lynk & Co’s first concept vehicle, the all-electric crossover, Zero that appeared recently at the Beijing Motor Show 2020.

Volvo Asks For Help From Chnia's Geely Cars (1)

As a reminder, the Chinese company, Geely, bought the Swedish company Volvo in 2010 for a 1.8 billion US dollars, equivalent to 6.75 billion Saudi riyals.



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