Unexpected Rumors About The Production Of The Electric Range Rover

Unofficial leaks surfaced early last year about an upcoming all-electric Range Rover after a patent filing for the Road Rover name was mentioned in a report. The report seems to be realistic, given the focus both; Jaguar and Land Rover are putting on adding electric motors to their production cars to comply with strict regulations regarding the amount of CO2 emissions.

It was expected that the British company would launch its fully electric models at the end of 2021, but today we got new unofficial press details published by Autocar that contradict the previous details!

The latest leaked information we have depends on a secret meeting between Jaguar Land Rover and its investors, during which Adrian Mardell, who is the company’s chief financial officer, stated that the fully-electric Jaguar XJ and the fully electric Range Rover will be unveiled during October and November of this 2020 year, contrary to previous reports, which suggested the launch of the two advanced cars in 2021.

Unexpected Rumors About The Production Of The Electric Range Rover (2)

Perhaps this decision, which has not been officially confirmed, is understandable, as the company wants to improve the difficult financial situation and raise the value of shares, which has become the focus of all companies in the world, after the difficult economic situation in the year due to the spread of the Corona epidemic that led to the closure of factories for long periods.

The Range Rover and Jaguar XJ, which will depend on electric power, are likely to rely on a new MLA chassis, and the Range Rover electric cars will be much lower than the current Range Rover vehicles that are powered by petrol engines, which could make them closer to wagon category than SUV!

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