Over 1 Million Views for Washing a 35-Year-Old Abandoned Ford F-250

ford f 250 wash
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Before the modern-day Ford Explorer four-wheel drive vehicle made its debut, Ford had the Ford F-Series Explorer pickup in its lineup. Originally, the Explorer was offered as a package option across the entire F-Series range, spanning from the F-100 to the F-350. An illustration of this is seen in this specific pickup, a customized 1977 F-250 Single Cab with a striking red exterior adorned with white stripes.

The vehicle’s charm was hidden under decades of grime, having spent 35 years neglected in a barn until its recent rediscovery. The owner decided to give the car the attention it deserved, as featured in a video that captures the thorough cleaning of this classic ride. This wasn’t just any routine car wash; the cleaning process proved to be incredibly satisfying, a sentiment echoed by nearly 1.3 million viewers who have watched the video since its release just last week.

Watch it here:

During the cleaning process of the abandoned Ford F-250, it’s revealed that the truck boasts a remarkably low mileage of just 17,000 miles. If the truck is free from any severe damage, it could potentially fetch a substantial value post-restoration. A significant dent is noted on the driver’s side door, a relic from an encounter with a cow, and there’s noticeable pitting on the paint of the passenger side. Fortunately, there’s no serious rust damage, suggesting a promising outlook for this vehicle.

As the cleaning progresses, the true charm of the F-250 begins to emerge. The power washing reveals striking white stripes of the Explorer package against a vibrant red exterior, and the interior responds well to cleaning, despite housing a mouse nest in the glove compartment. The minimal wear on the underside of the bench seat corroborates the odometer’s low mileage reading, reinforcing its authenticity.

While the detailing crew opts not to start the vehicle, the Ford’s 400 cubic-inch V-8 engine sits ready, awaiting necessary maintenance before it can roar to life. A thorough machine polish enhances the paint’s gloss, preparing the truck for potential off-road adventures.