Top 5 Dangerous Things You Should Not Leave In Your Car!

Recently, the Abu Dhabi Police presented a post on Instagram, in which they alerted drivers of the top 5 dangerous things that could be flammable and explosive when left in a vehicle in hot weather, which we will learn about today.

With the entry of the summer and the return of hot weather and the burning sun, especially in the Arabian Gulf region, many drivers face the problem of high temperature inside the cabin

We had previously discussed this topic in an episode presented by the founder of our site, Mousub Shashaa, within the Vlog program, and he showed you several ways to cool the car from inside.

Dangerous things that you should not leave in your car in the summer! Very important! Be careful:

1) Perfume Bottles

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The perfume consists mainly of alcohol and is a volatile, highly flammable substance.

On one hand, when the temperature rises in the cabin, especially in the daytime period and exposure to heat and sunlight, this may lead to the evaporation of alcohol inside the perfume bottle and then the expansion of gas, which may constitute a great pressure on the bottle and may cause its explosion.

The substance is also highly flammable in its gaseous state, and a small spark is sufficient to ignite a fire inside the car.

2) Hand Sanitizers

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After the spread of Coronavirus in the world, measures to stop the infection have become widespread, including hand sanitizers.

According to the recommendations of international organizations, the percentage of alcohol in the hand sanitizer must be at least 60% in order for it to be effective in eliminating germs and viruses.

As we mentioned in the previous point, the leakage of this material and its evaporation and the spread of this flammable gas in the cabin poses a great danger, as even small sparks resulting from static charges in our bodies may be sufficient to ignite a fire.

On the other hand, the decrease in the alcohol content in the hand’s sanitizer due to its evaporation in hot climates, may reduce its effectiveness in preventing infection.

3) Gas Canisters

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In its post, Abu Dhabi Police indicated that the driver may not be aware of the danger of leaving the small gas canisters in the vehicle, as friction when the vehicle moves and the intensity of heat may cause it to explode.

Also, any gas leakage from the cylinder, even if in small quantities in a closed environment such as the car cabin, turns it into a bomb that may explode at any time.

4) Batteries

you Should Not Leave In Your Car! (4)

one of the top  5 dangerous things to be left in cars, is phone batteries, as xcessive heat may lead to the destruction of the internal cells of the phone battery, and this causes an internal short circuit, which leads to fires.

Besides the risk that batteries and electronic devices may pose when subjected to high temperatures, this will may damage the devices, as heat is the primary enemy of electronic devices.

5) Cigarette Lighter

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First, we advise you, dear reader, to stop smoking, but Abu Dhabi Police in their list of the top 5 dangerous things to be left in cars, they also warned about the dangers of leaving the cigarette lighter inside the car due to the presence of iron parts within its components, which may cause friction that causes a fire, God forbid. These lighters may also explode at high temperatures, which may cause damage to the windows of the car or may leave burns on the seats.

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