This Is What The Koenigsegg Jesko 1,600hp Engine Sounds Like

Koenigsegg Jesko Sounds Crazy!

Today we’ve got an official video posted on Instagram revealing the engine sound of the newest 2020 Koenigsegg car. A car that declared war on the legendary French car Bugatti Chiron in terms of performance figures.

The supercar Koenigsegg Jesko was showcased at Riyadh Motor Show, where our team has met for the second time, after covering Jesko global launch at Geneva Motor Show last March. And now the official account of the Swedish manufacturer Koenigsegg Automotive has posted a video on Instagram revealing the sound coming out from the beating heart of this new supercar.

Before we listen to the sound of the new 2020 Koenigsegg car, we want to make sure you pronounce the car’s name right, as the name of this new supercar is pronounced with the Swedish soft J, as in ‘Yes-ko and not Koenigsegg Jesko as it is written in English letters. It was named after the father of the founder of the Swedish company that started in 1994.

Watch the video:


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Jesko watching one of the Jesko prototypes firing up! – 1600 hp baby!

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Koenigsegg Jesko came as a new model to replace the outgoing Koenigsegg Agera RS, and it has an aggressive exterior design with a carbon-fiber body. The new Koenigsegg is 60 mm longer than her sister Agera, but it is 22 mm higher. This reflected positively on providing more space in the interior of this car which belongs to a category that is famous for the small size of its cabin.

Mechanical Specifications:

This Swedish supercar is powered by a Twin-turbo 5-liter V8 engine generating 1,600 hp with E85 biofuel. If you use regular pump fuel, the engine generates 1,280 hp, 1,500 N.m of torque. The beating heart is connected to a 9-speed dual-clutch LST transmission.

Acceleration and other performance numbers are still mysterious, but we know that its top speed is 482 km / h.



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