The World’s Most Powerful Mercedes GLE 63 AMG Coupe

In today’s episode of Special Car program, we will reveal the secrets of modifying Mercedes GLE 63 AMG Coupe 4Matic, accompanied by our colleague Suhaib Shashaa who believes this car be one of the most powerful and fastest GLE Coupe in the world with 944 hp of power and a thousand Newton meters of torque

The car participated in roll races before at the Dubai Autodrome, where it challenged several modified cars, including a 1,130 hp Nissan GT-R and won against all of them! Our ArabGT team has broadcasted a number of these challenges on our official account on Instagram.

Check the power and speed of this modified Mercedes GLE 63 AMG Coupe 4Matic:

This GLE Coupé is powered by a 5,500 cc V8 Biturbo, but its power increased from 585 hp to 944 hp, after it was heavily modified. And the modification included upgraded turbochargers and a new air-to-air intercooler in addition to new intakes.

Modified parts with prices:

  • Price of ECU Software: 10.000aed
  • Price of Transmission Software: 8.500aed
  • Price of Air to air intercooler: 19.200aed
  • Price of Transmission Upgrade: 16.900aed
  • Price of Methanol Upgrade: 12.000aed
  • Price of Turbo Upgrade: 49.800aed
  • Price of Cold Air Intake: 9.999aed
  • Price of Full Exhaust System: 28.000aed

We thank Saeed Hawkal, the owner of the Mercedes GLE 63 AMG Coupe 4Matic, which is likely the most powerful and fastest GLE in the world, and this car was modified at Blackboost Garage in the UAE.

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