The Only Viper GTS CS In The World Co-Built By Shelby Will Be Auctioned

There is only one copy in the world of the American sports car Dodge Viper GTS CS, which made its world debut in 1996.

The only Dodge Viper in the world, which was manufactured in cooperation between Carroll Shelby and Fitzgerald Motorsports, is currently waiting for a new owner to obtain it through an auction that will be held at the beginning of next year, God willing.

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The exterior design of the GTS CS version of the old Viper car, the car signed by Carol Shelby himself, is distinguished by a front end that is inspired by Cobra cars. The car has also got special side air vents, and 18-inch wheels with a distinctive and striking design.

Pictures of the Dodge Viper GTS CS:

This special car will be sold at Mecum’s Kissimmee auction in January 2021 as scheduled.

This car comes with a red body and red and gold leather seats with 4-point harnesses, and it has Carroll Shelby’s signature embroidered in it.

Mechanical Specifications:

This American sports car, the only one of its kind in the world, is based on an 8-liter V-shaped 10-cylinder engine, and its performance has been improved to produce 480 hp (487 PS) instead of 450 hp (456 PS).

When the Dodge Viper GTS CS was unveiled, 50 copies were scheduled to be produced. The production plan included coupes and convertible roadsters, but this idea was canceled due to the deteriorating health of Carroll Shelby at that time, which made this car remain the only one of its kind.

The car’s price in the past was 89,900 US dollars, equivalent to 337,125 Saudi riyals, but the price this special Viper is expected to get next month will be much higher than this number.

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