The Newest Italian Racing Car Comes With 700 hp

A new Italian racing car has been officially unveiled, bearing the name – Ferrari 488 GT Modificata with a power of 700 hp!

Before introducing this new fast car designed to storm racetracks, we would like to remind you of the latest powerful and highly advanced Ferrari that officially appeared this November on the Internet and can be driven on public streets, the 2021 Ferrari SF90 Spider, the convertible version of The Ferrari SF90 Stradale, which is the first Plug-in Hybrid made by the Italian Supercar manufacturer.

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This fast new track-only car comes with technologies borrowed from; Ferrari 488 GTE, and Ferrari 488 GT3, and the car comes with a body made entirely of carbon fiber except for the roof, which is made of aluminum.

The Italian company has significantly modernized the engine, as the Ferrari 488 GT Modificata is powered by an 8-cylinder V-shaped engine with a twin-turbo to produce a power of 700 hp (521 kW), and this number is greater than what is available in the two racing cars; 488 GTE, and 488 GT3.

The newest Italian racing car got updates that improved the downforce and raised it to 1000 kilograms when the Ferrari 488 GT Modificata is driven at a speed of 230 km / h. The newest track car from Ferrari comes with new brakes made in cooperation with Brembo to provide great performance. The car also has a new antilock braking system that was specifically developed for this special edition.

Without any doubt, the newest Ferrari car, designated to participate in legal races on the racetracks, complies with the official regulations and laws imposed by the FIA, the International Automobile Federation. The car also obtained an interior that includes racing seats with racing seatbelts, a steering wheel derived from the world of Formula One cars, and a roll cage.

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