The First Episode Of Easy Mechanics Program Is Dedicated For Engines

After we showed you yesterday the first episode of the Special Car program in its second season, today we will present to you the first episode of our new program, Simple Mechanics with Karim Deeb, which was announced in the ArabGT chat video.

The idea of ​​this program came after the followers of Karim Deeb on Instagram showed interest in topics related to tires and air filters, and other mechanical subjects, so he decided to take advantage of this period of lockdown imposed as part of the National Disinfection Programme in the United Arab Emirates, may God protect us all!

And as the followers of our website might remember, we previously presented a video showing the difference between front, 4-wheel, and all wheel drive systems, and  It was a great success. This is another reason to launch this new program, which we hope you will like.

Through Easy Mechanics program, we will introduce you to key mechanical information that every person who owns a car or wants to buy one must know, as this program targets everyone, men, youth and women.

Watch The first episode of our new program :

The start will be with engines, and we will be talking about this topic in more than one episode of the program.

There are two options of engines: economic engines, and sporty performance engines, but recently  car companies have made engines that combine economics with sports performance

Types of motors:

  • Internal combustion engines: we will focus on gasoline engines, then we will talk about diesel engines in a later stage
  • External combustion engines (we will not be discussing this type).

During the first episode of Easy Mechanics, Karim explained how to classify engines:

  1. By design, a reciprocating engine, or rotary engines
  2. Method of ignition, the conventional pressure method currently available in diesel engines, the second most popular method is by spark plugs
  3. The number of cylinders.
  4. Arrangement of cylinder: vertical, horizontal V-shaped, or W-shaped.
  5. Fuel type: gasoline, diesel, gas (we’ll talk about hybrid, electric, and hydrogen cars in separate episodes).
  6. Number of strokes per cycle 4 stroke pr 2 stroke

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