The cheap 2020 MG5 is Subject to Our Detailed Test-Drive

2020 MG5 is a Good Chinese Car

2020 MG5 is a Good Chinese Car with British Origins

This new Sino-British car combines many features; it is an inexpensive car, its interior is excellent, its exterior is beautiful and modern, it has practical features, a good safety level, and it has an excellent warranty of 6 years 200,000 km.

Just as a reminder, MG is a British-origin company owned by the Chinese giant SAIC Motor.


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The new MG5 was launched as a concept car that appeared at the 2011 Shanghai International Auto Show in China. In March 2012, the production version was launched for sale in the market. Today, we are testing the new generation that has arrived in the Middle East in before few months.

Available at a low price and excellent warranty with 6 exterior and two interior color options, this car has standard 15-inch wheels and 16-inch for the full-option versions.

2020 MG5 prices

Dimensions :

The length of the car is 4,601 mm.

The width of the car is 1,818 mm.

The height of the car is 1,489 mm.

Wheelbase length 2,680 mm.

The volume of the rear trunk is 512 liters.

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Mechanical specifications:

The 2020 MG5 is powered by a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine generating 120 horsepower and 150 Nm. The engine of this front-wheel-drive vehicle is connected to CVT gearbox.

This economy car can travel 19.5 km with one liter of gasoline (5.5 liters of gasoline to travel 100 km) and has a tank capacity of 45 liters, giving an excellent rating for Today’s guest car regarding fuel consumption, according to the GCC quality organizations standards.

2020 MG5 specs

Prices of 2020 MG5 :

Prices of 2020 MG5 cars in Saudi Arabia :

The price of the base model is 38,745 Saudi riyals, equivalent to 10,332 USD.

The price of the Middle trim level is 43,050 Saudi riyals, equivalent to 11,480 USD.

The price of the fully loaded model is 49,350 Saudi riyals, which is equivalent to 13,160 USD.

Prices of 2020 MG5 in UAE :

The base model starts from AED 37,900

The middle trim level starts from 42,500 AED.

The fully loaded 2020 MG5 2020 is AED 48,500.




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