The 2021 Mercedes S Class Gets The World’s First Rear-Seat Airbags

Today we will talk about the new rear-seat airbags in the 2021 Mercedes S-Class which are dedicated to protecting the rear-seat passengers from frontal collisions, may God protect us all!

Before we inform you, dear Arab GT followers, about the new safety feature of the new-generation Mercedes S Class, we would like to remind you that the world premiere of this luxury large sedan that we have been waiting for, will be in September.

This is not the first time we talk about the interior of the new generation S-Class W223, as the German automaker, Mercedes-Benz, has officially revealed some of the technologies that will be provided in the most important Mercedes car.

The 2021 Mercedes S Class Gets The World’s First Rear-Seat Airbags (2)

However, the ground-breaking technology in the luxury saloon sets new standards in safety and comfort as this is the world’s first rear-seat airbags . When deploying, for instance, the airbags must be able to adapt to child seats. Combined with a Belt Bag, an inflatable safety belt, the S-Class is thus setting new benchmarks in safety for rear-seat passengers.

The new S-Class also combines the PRE-SAFE Impulse Side system with the ACTIVE BODY CONTROL active suspension, which means that active and passive safety systems are even more closely integrated with one another.

The 2021 Mercedes S Class Gets The World’s First Rear-Seat Airbags (1)

Mercedes-Benz says it develops all safety functions from knowledge gained from its own accident research, which the company has been conducting for more than 50 years. The “Real Life Safety” philosophy

The good news is that such innovative technologies often become standard, not only at Mercedes-Benz but throughout the entire automotive sector.

No more details are available until this moment, but the information will be officially revealed through a series of videos, named “Meet the S-Class DIGITAL, which provides information on the technical innovations of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class ahead of its world premiere expected on September the 2nd.

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