Suhaib Tests One Of The Best Xbox Racing Games

We will see today what our Editor-in-chief Suhaib Shashaa is doing at home during the quarantine, and as you may have expected Suhaib could not forget his passion for cars and speed, so he decided to indulge in the digital fantasy world of Xbox Racing Games, namely Forza Horizon 4.

Certainly, followers of  Suhaib account on Instagram know that during his stay at home, he bought a new Xbox online, and the Xbox price was $ 204, or the equivalent of 765 SAR or 750 AED.

Bur first, we would like to note that sitting for long hours in front of a screen playing video games is not recommended. We know many people enjoy video games, but the period of play should be limited, in order to avoid video game addiction.

Watch Suhaib after receiving the Xbox:

Suhaib chose Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition according to the advice of his followers, as it includes a large number of exclusive cars. If you purchase this game directly from  Xbox it will cost $ 108 or the equivalent of 405 Saudi riyals or 396 AED.

Through this video, we will get to know this game in detail, it may be useful for those who did not play this game before, as  Forza Horizon 4 players already know these details.

You must play in order to unlock new stages in this game, which includes 4 seasons: summer, autumn, winter, and spring. The time also changes between day and night, and when you win races, you get a chance to get new cars to play with.

Suhaib Tests One Of The Best Xbox Racing Games

Suhaib showed us his private collection of cars in the game, and the most expensive car in his virtual garage was Jaguar C-Type with a price of 5 million of the currency of this game. .During this game, Suhaib created ArabGT Club, you can join us now as it accommodates two thousand people.

There is an upcoming episode waiting for you with Suhaib and the most powerful Xbox Racing Games

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