Suhaib Shashaa Tests The World’s First Tahoe RST Turbo

Like every Sunday, you are on a date with a test-drive of a distinctive car, and the star of today’s episode of Special Car program is a turbocharged Chevrolet Tahoe RST, which will be test-driven by our colleague Suhaib Shashaa.

Before introducing you to the modified Tahoe, we would like to remind you of the last 3 episodes that we of Special Car program:

Watch today’s episode to see the world’s first 600 hp turbocharged Chevrolet Tahoe RST:

Our team at ArabGT would like to remind you that we have previously test-driven the Tahoe RST, which is considered the most powerful Tahoe production car without any modifications, accompanied by our colleagues Suhaib Shashaa and Karim Deeb, upon its arrival in the Middle East region.

The star of today’s episode was modified in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in SubZero’s garage, and the modifications included a turbo kit, a camshaft, and ECU programming, costing $ 20,423, equivalent to 76,582 Saudi riyals or 75,000 dirhams. Suhaib noted during this episode that the piping were made by the UAE branch of the Kuwaiti Company Bullet.

Despite the huge size of this SUV, its acceleration does not suit its enormous weight, which can reach 2,600 kg without any modification. The car is equipped with a beating heart borrowed from a 6.2-liter V8 Corvette and the stock Tahoe RST generates 420 hp. The beating heart is connected to a 10-speed automatic transmission from General Motors, and the car is equipped with Brembo Brakes.

But today we are testing a modified version of the Tahoe RST that got a turbocharger and giant intercooler in the front, bringing its engine power to 600 hp.

We thank Mohamed Al Jabri of Sub Zero Garage who modified the world’s first turbocharged Tahoe RST.

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