Suhaib Shashaa Buys A Used BMW And Turns It Into A Drift Car

Today’s adventure started at the car registration office in Dubai, where Suhaib Shashaa documented his purchase of a new car. Then he moved to modifying it and turning it into a drift car that would participate in ArabGT Racing Team, which we announced earlier.

In addition, for those who do not recall, we previously presented a video through which we documented the beginning of our new project, which we introduced for the fans of modification and drift on racetracks.

In that video, we saw the first stages of preparing a Corvette C6 owned by Karim Deeb, and we converted it from a streetcar to a car dedicated to racing.

Today, we will show you our dear followers, the first stages of modifying the BMW 335i E92, which Suhaib owns, to transform it into a drift car so that he can take it to racetracks and practice this motorsport in a safe and controlled environment.

Watch The Video:

After purchasing this version of the BMW 3 series, Suhaib removed its engine and gearbox, and he added a new beating heart to this Bavarian. The interior of this BMW 335i was removed too as the cabin parts increase the weight of the vehicle and this is a negative factor for a drift car. This step was done in Magic Star Auto Repairing garages.

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After this, Suhaib went to Bolt Performance factory to install a roll cage for protection ( after all we’re talking about a drift car), which is a is Kuwaiti company specialized in manufacturing Exhaust and Roll Cage located in Subzero garage in UAE.

The قoll cage has been added successfully to the BMW 335i E92, but the modifications have not finished yet!  The car still needs further modifications, so that it meets the specifications set by FIA, and this process may take 3 days to one week before we see Suhaib’s car ready.

Stay tuned for more in the next weeks!

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