Mercedes GLC 2024 Review

New Mercedes GLC 2024
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Mercedes GLC 2024 is part of the second generation of Mercedes’ compact luxury crossover SUV. This generation was introduced last year, aiming to enhance its dynamics, power, and sustainability. However, the 2024 model year has remained largely unchanged since its debut in 2022. In essence, it is essentially the same car.

Mercedes GLC 2024


The redesigned Mercedes-Benz GLC features a striking front end with headlamps connected to the radiator grille, emphasizing the vehicle’s width. Optional DIGITAL LIGHT headlamps offer additional lighting features. The body design showcases a balanced blend of elegance and off-road performance, with muscular wheel arches and flush wheels in various sizes. The rear end has two-section rear lights with an optional animation, and simulated chrome underguards encase the tailpipes, adding to the sporty appearance.

Mercedes GLC 2024

Mercedes GLC 2024 Interior

The new Mercedes-Benz GLC showcases a modern and sporty luxury interior with the AVANTGARDE Line configuration. The dashboard features aircraft-inspired flattened round nozzles, and a free-standing 12.3-inch LCD screen adds a digital touch. The avant-garde seat design plays with layers, creating visual lightness. Various trim elements, including open-pored veneers and real aluminum inlays, enhance the ambiance. The GLC’s interior exudes elegance with its carefully curated details.

Mercedes GLC 2024


The new Mercedes-Benz GLC is exclusively available as a hybrid, offering both plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid options with 48-volt technology and an integrated starter-generator. The engine range consists of four-cylinder units from the FAME (Family of Modular Engines) Mercedes-Benz engine family, ensuring flexibility in the international production network and needs-based electrification. The petrol models deliver up to 190 kW and 400 Nm of torque, while the diesel models offer up to 195 kW and 550 Nm, with additional electrical support from the ISG providing up to 17 kW and 200 Nm.

Mercedes GLC 2024

Mercedes GLC 2024 Price

The GLC 300 SUV has a starting price of $47,100 MSRP, while the GLC 300 4MATIC SUV starts at $49,100 MSRP.