2023 Audi A5 Review

2023 Audi A5
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The 2023 Audi A5 Coupe, a sports car manufactured by the renowned German automaker Audi since 2007, is currently in its second generation introduced in 2017. Notably, the car underwent a significant update in 2020, featuring a fresh exterior design alongside enhanced luxury and technical specifications. In this article featured on ArabGT website, we delve deeper into the distinctive qualities of this remarkable vehicle.

2023 Audi A5



The A5 exhibits a broader and lower stance compared to its predecessor, exuding an added touch of sophistication. Notably, the front and overall body of the car feature augmented ventilation openings, now larger in size, accompanied by wider side protrusions, elegantly curved tire arches, and chrome accents. The headlights are equipped with Matrix technology lamps, available as an optional feature, while LED lights come standard. Enhancing its sporty aesthetic, the car is fitted with a set of 20-inch rims. At the rear, a sleek strip extends between the dual exhaust pipes, complemented by trapezoidal-shaped exhaust vents, amplifying its commanding presence.

2023 Audi A5


Inside :

The cabin design aims to create an impression of vastness and openness, skillfully achieved through the implementation of horizontal lines. Additionally, the interior upholstery showcases the utilization of premium materials, exuding refinement. Complementing the cabin’s luxurious ambience, technologically advanced information and entertainment systems are integrated, offering features such as the optional LED ambient lighting system. Moreover, the interior encompasses a range of sophisticated driving assistance systems, including parking assistance in congested urban areas.

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Mechanical Specifications :

The vehicle is furnished with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, boasting a displacement of 2.0 liters. This powertrain yields an output of 249 horsepower and 370 Newton-meters of torque, coupled with a seven-speed transmission. Accelerating from zero to 100 km/h in a mere 5.8 seconds, the car achieves an impressive top speed of 250 km/h.

2023 Audi A5

2023 Audi A5 price

The base price of the Audi A5 starts at $46,200, positioning it as an enticing option for those seeking a premium and performance-oriented vehicle in its segment.



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