One Of The Most Powerful Golf GTI Cars In The Arabian Gulf Is Our Star Today

Like every Sunday and with the start of a new week, we present a modified and distinctive car to be the star Special Car program, and today’s star is a very powerful Golf GTI.

The German hatchback that we introduce today is considered one of the most powerful Golf GTI cars in the Arabian Gulf in terms of the horsepower generated by its beating heart. At the time Our team made these episodes this car was considered the most powerful Golf GTI car in the Arabian Gulf, but after we finished shooting, we received secret information about another version located in the Sultanate of Oman, which is possibly the fastest in the Arabian Gulf.

Watch this video of one of the most powerful Golf GTIs in the Gulf:

This modified car is powered by a 4-cylinder engine borrowed from its sister, the Volkswagen Golf R, and it also got a turbocharger from the Golf R as well. In addition to this, the car got spark plugs from Audi RS7 and its beating heart generates 400hp, which was achieved through professional modifications that included reprogramming the gearbox of this front-wheel-drive car, and the modifications were made by Vag Logic Garage.

List of the modifications made to the 2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI with their prices:

  • The price of the Air intake is 517 USD.
  • Exhaust price is two thousand US dollars.
  • The programming cost of the engine and the gearbox is 1,579 USD.
  • The price of the modified fuel system is $ 1,143.
  • The price of OZ wheels is 2,042 USD.
  • The Turbocharger price is 2,450 USD.

We thank Ahmed Al Muhairi, the owner of this car, which is one of the most powerful Golf GTI cars in the Gulf, for letting us test-drive his car

Note: During today’s episode, our colleague Suhaib introduced a Mopar product to repair car paint.

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