Officially, This Is The Fastest Car In The World So Far In Terms Of Top Speed

For many years, the competition over the title of the fastest car in the world has been going on, and in this article we will talk about this title in terms of top speed not acceleration, and we will see how a car intended for public roads has set a new record for high speed.

After leaks and rumors surrounding an American car that was recently able to claim this title from the French Bugatti company owned by the German Volkswagen Group, it was officially confirmed that SSC Tuatara has reached the maximum speed on the ground.

Before we tell you the speed this American supercar has reached, we would like to remind you of the  cars competing for the title of the fastest car in the world in terms of top speed:

  1. SSC Ultimate Aero, which on September 13, 2007, reached a top speed of 412.22 km / h (256.14 mph).
  2. Koenigsegg Agera RS which recorded a top speed of 447.19 km / h (277.87 mph).
  3. Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ has reached a speed of 490.48 km / h (304.77 mph).

The SSC Tuatara came to replace the SSC Ultimate Aero, and it was unveiled as a concept car in 2011, and the production version appeared in August of 2018.

According to official information, the average top speed recorded by this American car was 508.73 km / h (316.11 mph) without using race fuel and with wheels designated for driving on public roads. The record breaking attempt included 2 runs, in the first the car recorded a speed of 532.93 km / h (331.15 mph), and in the second it reached a speed of 484.53 km / h (301.07 miles) / H).

This American hypercar is powered by a twin-turbo 5.9-liter V8 engine that produces 1,350 hp on 91 octane fuel and 1,750 hp when running on E85. The torque is 1,735 Newton meters and the SSC V8 pairs with a CIMA 7 speed transmission.

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