Introducing the New McLaren 750S Spectrum Theme by MSO

Introducing the New McLaren 750S Spectrum Theme by MSO (1)
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McLaren Automotive has unveiled the Spectrum Theme, a breathtaking multi-tone paint finish created and expertly applied by McLaren Special Operations (MSO), the brand’s in-house bespoke personalization service. This exquisite paint finish will be exclusively available on the new 750S, which happens to be McLaren’s lightest and most powerful series-production supercar.

McLaren Automotive has achieved a groundbreaking feat with the revolutionary Spectrum Themeā€”a multi-tone paint finish crafted by McLaren Special Operations (MSO). This new generation of McLaren paint specialism required innovative techniques, resulting in something truly unique. It perfectly complements the technical advancements of the 750S, McLaren’s lightest and most powerful series-production supercar. The Spectrum Theme, more technical than any previous MSO creation, uses separate shades of color to create a tonal shift, skillfully crafting an illusion of speed and acceleration even when the 750S is stationary. The precise craftsmanship and close arrangement of colors produce a stunning effect, enhancing the allure of this exceptional offering.

Introducing the New McLaren 750S Spectrum Theme by MSO 3


Michael McDonagh, the Director of McLaren Special Operations, stated that the Spectrum Theme represents a significant advancement in McLaren’s capabilities. He mentioned that achieving the perfect alignment of the Spectrum’s lines with the surface of the 750S’s impressive bodywork requires a high level of attention and precision. The new techniques developed for this purpose are an excellent complement to the technical progress of the 750S. McDonagh expressed that the increasing complexity of their offerings, exemplified by themes like Spectrum, showcases the remarkable expertise and experience of their paint technicians at MSO.

The Spectrum Theme offers three variants: Spectrum Blue, Spectrum Grey, and Spectrum Orange, each of which can be combined with further MSO bespoke personalization options. These options include vibrantly colored leather trim, a custom dedication plaque, and visual carbon fiber door sills featuring hand-painted Spectrum graded effect MSO logos. However, the Blue, Grey, and Orange themes are just the starting point; customers can also choose unique colorways specially designed and delivered by MSO. Achieving the perfect color-spectrum requires the formulation of new paints that blend light and dark tones in just the right amount to create a seamless color shift. This process is highly customized, with each Spectrum Theme requiring bespoke mixes to achieve the desired outcome.

Introducing the New McLaren 750S Spectrum Theme by MSO (1)

The MSO technicians faced challenges while incorporating the Spectrum lines, considering the shut lines and aerodynamic sculpting of the dihedral doors. The Spectrum Theme at the rear of the car features a visual acknowledgement of the Velocity Theme. The Blue, Orange, and Grey variants offer smooth color transitions, and the underside of the Active Rear Wing can be finished in a contrasting color.