Meet Suhaib Shashaa Newest Personal Car!

Today, Suhaib Shashaa and Karim Deeb will take you through some exciting moments, but they will not do so in one of the episodes of Special Car program, but in a new Vlog episode that documented the moment, Suhaib got one of his dream cars, the famous Dodge Hellcat.

Although two weeks have passed since the last Special Car episode was shown, we assure you that this program is still going on, but today we will not present a new episode of it, but rather we will present to you a story through which we will tell you about the American muscle car that Suhaib recently bought to add to his fleet of personal cars.

Watch The Video:

After we introduced you to the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, which became the newest personal car of Suhaib Shashaa, this is a reminder of 3 previous videos about the cars of the Arab GT team:

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Meet Suhaib Shashaa Newest Personal Car

After Suhaib introduced you to his new car, which has the red key that indicates the power of the Hellcat cars of 707 hp, he noted that the tires of his new-bought Challenger Hellcat need to be changed, but before doing so there is a drift show on the track that was specially orchestrated for Arab GT loyal fans.

The new Dodge Hellcat car, which has now joined ArabGT team, will appear in many subsequent videos about how to maintain used cars when you buy them,  the costs of repairing used cars, and other subjects that you will find interesting, God willing.

Stay tuned for more action with Suhaib Shashaa new personal car, until then we would like to remind you of our test drive of Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody


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