Leave Your Fingerprint On The Hood Of The New Porsche 911

For those fond of excellence and individuality, we are discussing with you today the price of putting your fingerprint on the new Porsche 911, in case you wanted this extra feature when you purchase a copy of this fast German sports car.

Before talking about this new feature Porsche presents, we would like to remind you that our colleague, Suhaib Shashaa has previously test driven the 2020 Porsche Carrera, which represents the eighth and all-new generation of Porsche 911, in one episode of  Special Coverage program.

However, in this article today, we will be talking about a very distinctive service offered by the department of the special request at the German company, which is known as “Porsche Exclusive Manufacture”. This department developed a direct printing method to transform the clients’ fingerprints into a graphic on the car’s hood.

The operating principle is similar to that of an inkjet printer: using a print head, the paint is applied to three-dimensional components automatically and without overspray. ‘The ability to control the nozzles individually permits the targeted application of every paint droplet,’ explains Christian Will, Vice President Production Development at Porsche AG.

Here are some pictures  that show the result of placing a fingerprint on the hood of the new Porsche 911:

The cost of putting your fingerprint on Porsche 911’s hood id of 7,500 euros, equivalent to 8,150 USD or 30,562 SAR, knowing that the price of the 2020 Porsche Carrera S Coupe starts from 129,200 USD, equivalent to 484,600 SAR. It is assumed that the German company will start to take requests next month.

Just as a reminder, the Porsche 911 is powered by a 6-cylinder engine with a twin-turbo that generates a power of 443 hp (450 PS) and 530 Nm of torque. The engine is connected to a new eight-speed dual-clutch transmission (PDK)

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