How Long Will The Charger And Challenger Designs Remain Unchanged?

How long will the Charger and Challenger models remain without any massive exterior changes or major conversions? Such an update would indicate an upcoming new generation, and this is precisely what we will talk about, depending on unofficial statements.

For years we have been waiting for the launch of an all-new generation of The Dodge Charger sedan, and the sporty Dodge Challenger, as the current generations have been extended without any major changes to their exterior design!

Before talking about the new leaks, here are the last 3 articles our ArabGT team posted about Dodge cars:

How Long Will The Charger And Challenger Designs Remain Unchanged (1)

According to what was recently posted on the Internet, it seems that the Charger and Challenger cars will continue in their current generation until 2023, and the current generation will not be abandoned because it is still recording good sales. The unconfirmed information suggests that the next generation of the most important Dodge cars will come in 2024, but we will see a number of epical editions during the next few years, God willing.

Again, dear Arab GT followers, we stress that this information is not based on official statements from the FCA group that owns the Dodge brand, but rather issued from Canada, specifically from the Brampton plant of this group in the Canadian province of Ontario.

After these new leaks, we assure you that as soon as we have official information about the fate of the production of the current generation of Charger and Challenger cars, we will inform you about it immediately, God willing, but we at Arab GT believe that FCA will indeed take its time to introduce new generations of these important models

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