How Does Twitter Affect Your Decision To Buy A Car?

As the lockdown measures were implemented in Saudi Arabia, Lexus KSA on Twitter launched a month-long campaign to stay connected and to join the conversation with their audiences in Saudi Arabia by providing daily tips. Launched on 12 April, Lexus shared content that supported the #StayHome conversation by posting daily exercises to motivate people to stay active.

Other auto brands have launched new things on Twitter, including Lincoln Middle East, which launched the all-new Aviator to drive awareness for the new 2019 Lincoln Aviator in the UAE and Toyota Service Saudi Arabia which launched an e-commerce delivery service that allowed the brand to provide its customers in KSA with a full service delivered to their doorstep.

But what has prompted these car companies and others to use Twitter to communicate with their customers, and how much influence does the site, with the Blue Bird logo, have on consumers and the decision to buy a car?

In an interview conducted by ArabGT founder Mousub Shashaa with the Twitter officials in the Middle East, the giant company which is one of the most important social networking sites of our time, and they told us about a study that was conducted regarding consumer behavior in Saudi Arabia and the UAE and the role Twitter plays in the car purchase decision.

Late last year, Twitter commissioned insights company Toluna to conduct an online survey with consumers on Twitter in the UAE and Saudi Arabia to understand their car ownership trends, path to purchase, and the role Twitter plays in the purchase journey.

Today, dear reader, we share the results of this study.

The Survey was conducted with current car owners in KSA and UAE and the influence for buying a car at the time, and it found that brand equity plays a vital role in the decision making process. In the UAE and Saudi Arabia, 44% and 39% of the respondents answered that the brand name was a top influence for buying a car.

The survey also found that a sales offer is only relevant to a consumer if the brand itself is already within the consideration set or at least not-rejected. 35% and 26% of the respondents in the UAE and KSA mentioned that they are looking for a “good sales offer” when buying a car.

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Furthermore, the survey found multiple barriers to after-sales service with the authorized dealers,

After-sales is becoming important more than ever, and addressing its challenges to keep the customers at their authorized dealers needs to be taken into consideration as 70% of the audience who used to service their car at the dealer deflected.

In the UAE 59% of respondents said that they don’t service at the dealer. 83% of these people used to previously service their car at the dealer, but they stopped, In Saudi Arabia 44% of respondents said that they don’t service at the dealer. 71% of these people used to previously service their car at the dealer, but they stopped, and the reasons both respondents in UAE and KSA stopped are that the service is expensive, it takes too long to book an appointment, and it takes too long to get the service done.

As for the decision to buy a car in the future, the survey found that brand equity also plays a major role, and In Saudi Arabia, 13% prefer electric vehicles whereas 15% prefer hybrid cars, while in the UAE, 19% prefer electric vehicles whereas 15% prefer hybrid cars.

Finally, the study found that Twitter plays a key role throughout its audience’s purchase journey

, as 88% of the respondents in both UAE and KSA said that they use Twitter at some stage during their purchase journey., and most of the participants said that they watch the official content that car companies provide on Twitter (51% in Saudi Arabia and 47% in the UAE).

It was among the information that caught our attention in the study that 45% of Twitter users in the UAE and 37% in Saudi Arabia who search for cars depend on sites specialized in cars, like your site ArabGT. and 32% in both the UAE and Saudi Arabia follow Car influencers on social media such as Mousub and Suhaib when they want to buy a car.

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