He Owned 13 VW Cars Before Competing With An Mk7 GTI

Ali Al-Sharif from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia will be telling us in today’s episode of Volkswagen Stars challenge, a story about his love for the German Volkswagen cars, and the star of today will be a VW Golf MK7 GTI.

The story of 41-year-old Ali is really unique and different from the previous stories, as this competitor has owned 13 VW cars so far! He said that he chose to buy cars from this brand in particular because it “provides a great driving pleasure” that he did not find in cars from other companies.

Watch The Episode of Challenger No. 8:(English Subtitled)

The Golf MK7 GTI, which Ali Al-Sharif is competing with today, got Stage 2 modifications, which increased the engine power of this version of Volkswagen Golf from 210 hp to 340 hp.

Ali has owned this car for 3 years and he said that his work is outside the city, so he has to travel long distances on a daily basis. In one year he travels 65 thousand km in his car, and the shock was that he also owns another two Golf GTI’s.

Support Ali Al-Sharif and vote for him to win the Volkswagen Superstar title with a modified MK7 GTI by clicking here. By voting you enter the draw to win a brand new 2020 VW Passat.

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