Has The SSC Tuatara Lied About Reaching A Speed Of 532 km / h?

Today we will talk about the newest rumors that have spread on the Internet recently and indicated tampering with the numbers in the video of the SSC Tuatara reaching a speed of 532.9 km / h! to record the top speed a car has reached on the ground, and to break the previous record made by the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300 Plus.

Press analysis of the video, showing the American supercar while it reached this incredible top speed, indicates that the car was slower than what was shown on its speedometer, and this is evidenced by the speed of the helicopter next to it in the air. When the helicopter’s speed was 150 mph (241 km / h), the car’s speedometer showed 190 mph (305 km) /s), which indicates that the video was tampered with.

Has The SSC Tuatara Lied About Reaching A Speed Of 532 km h (2)

The American company admitted that the videos do not document the event correctly, so the head of SSC announced that he would invite car experts and journalists to monitor a second attempt, in which the car will try to record the same speed in front of everyone.

The date of the second attempt has not been set yet, but our ArabGT team expects that this supercar will break the top speed record soon, God willing, given the size of the media coverage and the public interest.

As a reminder, these are the specifications of the SSC Tuatara:

This American hypercar is powered by a twin-turbo 5.9-liter V8 engine that produces 1,350 hp on 91 octane fuel and 1,750 hp when running on E85. The torque is 1,735 Newton meters and the SSC V8 pairs with a CIMA 7 speed transmission.

Only 100 copies of this model will be manufactured, and the price of the car will start at one million and 625 thousand US dollars, equivalent to approximately 6 million 94 thousand Saudi riyals.

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