Grenadier Is A New SUV Coming To Compete With Off-Road Vehicles Makers

INEOS Automotive today reveals the exterior design of the Grenadier, its forthcoming, no-nonsense 4×4 vehicle for the world, another step on the road towards the start of production.

Built from the ground up on an all-new platform, the INEOS Grenadier has been designed on purpose: namely to meet the demands of its future owners for a rugged, capable and comfortable go-anywhere working vehicle.

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In fact, dear reader, INEOS Automotive is a new car company that was established in 2017 to develop and manufacture an SUV suitable for off-road driving, and it is a subsidiary of the giant English company INEOS, which is specialized in the chemical and gas production.

In 2017, after Land Rover announced that it would stop manufacturing the Defender model, British billionaire Sir James Arthur Ratcliffe, who owns INEOS, saw an opportunity in the market to offer a model to replace the famous Defender, which has a long history and a strong reputation for its capabilities as an off-road vehicle. With his wealth exceeding $ 25 billion, Sir Ratcliffe decided to turn the dream into reality.


A funny story is told about the beginning of this idea and the name of the car …

When the founder of our site, Mousub Shashaa, met with a number of senior employees and managers of the company, he asked them about the name of the car and the story behind it, and they said that Sir Ratcliffe was sitting in a restaurant with his friends, and they were discussing alternatives to the Defender car, which the company was using frequently, as Land Rover has not yet announced the new generation of Defender which appeared in the last quarter of 2019 as the 2020 model.

During this session, Sir Ratcliffe said that he could make a car with the same specifications as Defender to meet the company’s need for this type of off-road vehicle, and when his friends asked him what he would call it, he told them that he would choose the same name of the restaurant they were sitting in, which is Grenadier.

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“The brief was simple. We set out to design a modern, functional, and highly capable 4×4 vehicle with utility at its core”, said Toby Ecuyer, Head of Design. “A design that is ‘easy-to-read’, with no ambiguity about the Grenadier’s role in life.  There to do everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Nothing is for the show. Modern engineering and production techniques ensure the Grenadier is highly capable, but we have been able to stay true to the essence of creating a utilitarian vehicle that will stand the test of time”.

Dirk Heilmann, INEOS Automotive’s CEO, said: “We are delighted to be able to share the design of the Grenadier so early in the process. Most manufacturers would hold back, but we are a new business, building a new brand, and we want to take people with us on this exciting journey.

“Showing the design now allows us to focus on the critical next phase of the vehicle’s development, testing its capability and durability.  We have a very challenging program ahead, as we put prototypes through their paces in all conditions, on the way to accumulating some 1.8 million test kilometers over the coming year.  From today the covers are off. Testing ‘in plain sight’ without the need for camouflage wrapping, foam blocks, or fake panels is an added benefit.”

Watch the Grenadier video:

According to official statements, the chassis and body will be made in two factories in Portugal, while the company will obtain engines and power train from BMW, where the car will be provided with a 6-cylinder r motor with a turbocharger, and the car will also be available with diesel-powered engines, using an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission for both variants.

According to the information stated by the senior employees of the company to the Arab GT team, it is expected that the Grenadaer will be launched already in the markets of our region in 2022, as the company expressed its desire to test the Grenada car on the sands of the desert in Dubai, but in terms of prices the company has not issued any official statements In this regard, but since the price of the new Defender starts from approximately $ 50,000 in global markets, it is likely that the price of the new Grenader will be lower than this price.

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